grievous news! Xie Dajiao's actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident, and his niece Qiu deleted the live broadcast notice
Tencent Entertainment 2021-08-09 18:53:05

8 month 9 Japan , There's a media release saying 《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao's actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , See this news , It also makes many people unwilling to believe that this is true .

Many artists in the circle have sent messages to mourn Yu Yuexian , As 《 Rural love 》 The core figure , I can't see Xie Dajiao next , It will inevitably make the play lack a trace of color .

A few days ago, Yu Yuexian was still sending a video of herself picking mushrooms , It's only a few days , Died unexpectedly , Sure enough, it's tomorrow and accident. I don't know which one comes first .

After learning the news of Yu Yuexian's death , Zhao Benshan's daughter ball also cancelled the live broadcast preview . Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu , The relationship with Yu Yuexian is also very good , At the beginning, Yu Yuexian also supported the live broadcast room of the ball .

As Yu Yuexian's niece , Believe that when the ball learned the news , It should also be super sad . On the live account of Qiuqiu , Also deleted a lot of previous videos , The content related to the live broadcast has also been deleted .

So to speak , Zhao Benshan's daughter ball cancelled the live broadcast , Naturally, it has something to do with Yu Yuexian's sudden death . Sudden death of relatives , Where can Qiu have the mind to do live broadcast ?

Many netizens also leave messages in the comment area , Said the ball should be just know , This activity has been deleted , The day after tomorrow's live broadcast should also be cancelled .

Speaking of Yu Yuexian , Many people's impression of her is 《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao , Unlike most traffic stars , Yu Yuexian is a kind of actor who makes great efforts in acting , Have rarely been on the so-called hot search .

Apart from shooting TV dramas , Yu Yuexian also participated in the shooting of variety shows . In the entertainment industry , Yu Yuexian's popularity is quite good .

Different from many high stars , Yu Yuexian will give some encouragement to the younger generation , Just like Zhai Tianlin also wrote that he couldn't believe it , Also affirmed Yu Yuexian is a very good person .

At first , Looking at 《 Rural love 》 When the play , The favorite scene is the quarrel between Xie Dajiao and Changgui . unfortunately , I will never see actor Yu Yuexian again .

Many people say that too many stars in the entertainment industry have no real skills , I just want to increase my popularity by hype . Thank you, big foot, for making his debut for so many years , I haven't seen her hype , Really a great actor .

Unfortunately, the car accident is ruthless , I can only say that all this is really too sudden . It has happened , There is no possibility of change . I hope Miss Yu Yuexian can be very happy there !

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