Guard against "ramda"! Another mutant strain
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According to CNN , With the spread of the epidemic , The United States has appeared last year 12 Peru first reported in June “ Ramda ” Virus infection cases .

According to the world's largest influenza and New Coronavirus data platform “ Global Initiative for influenza data sharing ” Data show that , At present, the United States has 1060 Example by “ Ramda ” Novel coronavirus pneumonia caused by strain .

Besides , because “ The delta ” Rapid transmission of mutant strains , Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the US 、 Hospitalizations and deaths are also increasing .

As report goes , Although currently infected in the United States “ Ramda ” The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases confirmed is more than that of infection. “ The delta ” The number of cases of variant strains is much less , But some infectious disease experts say , “ Ramda ” The strain is also a variant strain that they are paying close attention to . Malani, an expert of the American Society of infectious diseases, said , It is difficult to determine how infectious this strain is .

Reuters reported that , At present, the number of newly confirmed cases in a single day in the United States has reached 6 The highest level in months . Novel coronavirus pneumonia Coordinator 5 Said Monday , Last week, novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccination rates were the seven lowest in the United States, and the number of hospitalized patients accounted for half of the new cases and hospitalization in the United States. .

In Missouri, where vaccination rates are low , Some medical staff said , They saw the novel coronavirus pneumonia ward full of patients who had not been vaccinated. . Some patients are affected by incorrect information about the vaccine , Thus refusing vaccination .

Doctor, Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri Kenneth · Remy :

I can see 99% None of the hospitalized patients were vaccinated . What I want to say is , These people have a certain degree of distrust of the medical industry or politicians . in the final analysis , Everyone hopes that society will be fully open , We want to see people not wearing masks , The only way to achieve this goal is the need for bipartisan policies , Move forward , Let everyone call on everyone to wear masks before vaccination .

The World Health Organization this year 6 month 14 The report was released on May , Will be first discovered in Peru C.37 The strain is written in Greek letters λ( Ramda ) name , Juxtaposed as “ Need to pay attention to ” One of the mutated viruses . According to WHO standards , If “ Need to pay attention to ” The spread of the mutated virus further accelerated , To a certain extent , If it is necessary to adjust the existing epidemic prevention measures, etc , Will be upgraded to “ Need to pay attention to ” Mutant virus .

The report says , There are several gene mutations in the spike protein of ramda virus strain , Potentially more infectious 、 Stronger resistance to neutralizing antibodies , However, the current evidence is not enough to confirm the full effects of these mutations . Further studies are needed to determine the required countermeasures against this strain .

In the face of the menacing new crown variant virus “ Ramda ” The strain , How should people deal with it ? Experts say : The hope of fighting COVID-19 and mutant strains is massive vaccination . Besides , Wear a mask 、 Maintaining social distance and other means are still necessary . The virus cannot be allowed to spread out of control among people , This can reduce the incidence of gene mutation .

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