Legend of Zhen Huan: it's surprising that Princess Guo has that relationship with Jin Xi
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Cui Jinxi entered the palace much earlier than Zhen Huan , Before serving Zhen Huan, he was serving a imperial concubine , The princess doesn't have much sense of existence , So many people have no impression of the princess , Later, until the appearance of Princess Shu , It's not easy to find the imperial concubine Cui Jinxi served before .

When I was at Ganlu temple , Zhen Huan is always bullied by Jingbai , Life is very tight , But Princess Guo often goes to help Zhen Huan , As time goes by , The two of them rubbed the spark of love , But one was the concubine who was driven out of the palace , One is the emperor's brother , It goes without saying how serious the consequences are when their love is exposed .

But Cui Jinxi still ignores the consequences , Try to match Zhen Huan and Princess Guo , On the one hand, I hope Zhen Huan can get true love , On the other hand, it is because Princess Guo, the parent and son of the old lord Princess Shu, can get happiness . These two are the masters she is willing to be loyal to , The two of them are together , Cui Jinxi is naturally happy to see .

But it's not as good as heaven , Zhen Huan waited until the king of Guojun “ death ”, So Zhen Huan in order to keep the king of Guojun's flesh and blood , In order to avenge Prince Guo , She rejected Wen Shichu's plan to fake death and decided to go back to the palace for revenge . Cui Jinxi respected Zhen Huan's decision as before , Although she also knew that Zhen Huan's return to the palace was a near death , But she is still willing to follow .

For Zhen Huan , For the king of Guo County , For Princess Shu's grandson , Cui Jinxi is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to make a pair of food husband and wife with Su Peisheng , Just because Su Peisheng can help Zhen Huan return to the palace . Princess Shu, whom Cui Jinxi served before, spoiled the crown six palaces , Princess Shu is so excellent , Cui Jinxi is certainly not bad , Finally, she helped Zhen Huan successfully reach the peak of power . The loyal son has accompanied Cui Jinxi's life .

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