Take stock of 5 popular suspense films and the high-quality products in popular films
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1、《 Detective 》; The last mirror gunfight 、 Du's station 、 Change a set of guns 、 Changeable and treacherous . It's very graphic , The atmosphere of evil intentions is very strong , Although my IQ can't understand the intention of changing the gun in the end , But understand the general purpose , Anyway, there are ghosts in everyone's heart , It is also logical to advance the plot . After reading the blind detective , So I think this one can seal the gods .

2、《 The wind 》; After watching a TV play, I went to see a movie , I prefer the plot of the drama version . Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing really played well , But as film review hot one said , Gu Xiaomeng's motive in the movie setting is too weak , Her sacrifice didn't shock me accordingly , It's a pity . It may be due to the time limit , The fetters between Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng depicted in the film are not deep enough , This weakens the character relationship that could have been closer , It seems that the film is a little scattered and thin .

3、《 Double food 》; I still remember the shock when I first saw the film , The most extraordinary person who can think of such a plot ……… It should be a marriage education film that makes cheating men feel cold on their back . Take advantage of... In the Chinese diet “ Xiangke ” Based on Theory , Slowly uncover the mystery , Eat meals from two families , There's a price to pay .

4、《 accident 》;09 year 《 Eavesdropping situation 》 My biography , It has nothing to do with business war 、 It's just about infinite loneliness and nervousness . Compared with the accidental murder in the whole film and the accident imagined as murder , Finally, Chen Fangzhou's knife seemed a little abrupt and reluctant ; Simple indoor and almost black-and-white photography of rainy night play set off a solemn atmosphere , Behind the boundless solitude is emptiness .

5、《 track 》; The blessings of the two film emperors , The plot is compact , The editing is bright , As a golden supporting role, Lin Xue's simple actions make the character leap on the paper . The most interesting scene is the conflict between Li Yaoxiang and Ren Dahua , In the tense atmosphere, people's eyes suddenly focused on the woman changing clothes outside the building , A fire and then disappear into the invisible . A few details show that its insiders should be used to this kind of thing , Conflict together , The gang did not forget to move the barbecue rack , The sharp weapon hit Li Yaoxiang's neck , Lin Xue's expression is flat, and she even looks at the woman changing clothes outside the window , From the side, it shows the ferocity of the robbers .

Inventory 5 A popular suspense , The boutique in the popular film !

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