VMware 14 installing Mac OS System (illustration)
pangguoming 2021-07-28 12:08:36
VMWare14 install Mac OS System ( The illustration )


I searched the forum and didn't have this tutorial , Continue to carry a wave , This time I taught you to use VM15 install Mac OS10.14 Lazy version VMware install Windows and Linux similar , Compared to today's installation MAC OS The process is relatively simple . Official original VMware It is not supported MAC OS Installed , But the unlocking tools made by foreign gods make VMware install MAC OS It's possible , Let's see how to install it !
Installation preparation :1:VMware Workstation Pro v15.0.0
2: Unlocking tools Unlocker v3.0.0
3:macOS Mojave 10.14 Lazy version
setup script :1: close VMware , Open Task Manager , And find the background process , Right click - End all VMware The process of ( belt VMware is ). 
2: Find the unlocking tool , Right click - Run as administrator win-install.cmd, The script will close automatically after running . 
3: open VMware, Create a new virtual machine , This time I choose “ A typical ”. 
4: Installation source is macOS Mojave 10.14 Lazy version file , Note that when browsing, the file type should select all files , Or we can't find it macOS Mojave 10.14 18A391 Lazy Installer.cdr <ignore_js_op> 
5: The system type is MAC OS 10.14, If there is no unlocking operation above , There is no... In the option MAC OS Optional . 
6: Because the system files will be large after installation , We're going to change the default location to c Outside the disk  
7: The following steps can be used by default , If you feel that the configuration is not enough , It can be adjusted by itself , configured , Don't rush to open the virtual machine , Find the file path of the virtual machine system just now macOS 10.14.vmx, Open in Notepad , stay smc.present = "TRUE" Add (smc.version = "0")( It is recommended that you copy , Do not include parentheses ) After saving . <ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op> 
8: Turn on the virtual machine , Wait for the progress bar to load . <ignore_js_op> 
9: Choose simplified Chinese as the language , Consent clause , continue installation .<ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op> 
10: Go to this step and click on the top “ Utilities ” Disk tools in  
11: Click... On the left vmware Virtual hard disk , Then find the top “ edit ”-“ erase ”, The name is called mac os Well <ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op> 
12: Turn off the disk utility , There will be one more disk on the right side , Select this disk and continue .<ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op> 
13: To be installed , Countries choose China , Keyboard select simplified Chinese , Do not transmit information ,apple id Set later , Create a user name and password .<ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op><ignore_js_op> 
14: After all settings are completed, you can enter the system , First push out the installation disk , And then in vmware upper “ virtual machine ” Choose to install vmware tools, installed vmware tools Restart the system to achieve full screen and file sharing functions ( If you are prompted that the system expansion is blocked , Please click preferences — Select allow reinstallation... In security and privacy ). <ignore_js_op> 
That's the end of the tutorial , Enclosed link : https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mvDbcvaLtUz3eXQ6tYVRrg  Extraction code : 8tc8 Remember to give a score to the friends here , The score is not reduced CB!!!
Please bring the original link to reprint ,thank
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