Countdown to 6 days, no matter whether there is cash, there is always harvest
Life journey 2021-07-20 04:50:27

I saw this morning VX Group name , It has been amended to “ pour . meter . when 6 God ”, This is the rhythm of breaking up !

Let's look back on our journey together :

5 month 9 Japan 《5 God, cell phone camp 》 Start camp

5 month 14 Japan 《5 God, cell phone camp 》 Camp

5 month 25 Japan 《21 Oh, my God 》 Start camp

6 month 13 Japan 《21 Oh, my God 》 Camp

6 month 20 Japan 《 Advanced class 》 offer a course

Time is fast. , We got to know each other through editing , More than two months of life just slipped by quietly , Deja vu , Not yet known !

There is no banquet in the world , The students of the camp , I really want to say goodbye this time …… Although we come from all over the country , The epidemic has not stopped our efforts , Whether it's realized or not , We always get something !

Look back , The way we work under the light , I can be moved by myself , Difficulties and obstacles in the future , It's nothing ? How many times can I fight in my life ? high . Test sprint , Job competition , Start a business …… Whether you spell it or not ? The goal is always ahead of you , When you see it, you will never look back 、 March forward courageously !

It's a life . attitude , Where there is a goal, there is hope , If there is hope, go ahead ! No matter what path we choose in the future , With such a life . attitude , With such a fighting spirit , A small profit in front of us , Regardless of gain or loss , As long as we've tried , It's a life without regrets !

The classmates , I really want to say goodbye , One day in the future , I'll think of you , Think of the experience we worked together , Think of the way we fought together , The bitter is better than the happy , No regrets !

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