You know what? Openstack combines with micro isolation
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Yesterday afternoon , Shanshiwangke and UMCloud Hold a press conference , Announce strategic cooperation between the two sides .


From the left :UMClound CEO Ji Xinhua   President and CEO Luo Dongping

One 、 Cloud services need first-class security products for protection

UMCloud It is a well-known public cloud enterprise in China UCloud With the world's leading OpenStack provider Mirantis A new joint venture , Let's focus on the private cloud market .UMClound Chief executive Ji Xinhua said in his speech that :

The mode of cooperation between Chinese and American technology companies has gone through three stages , At first, American companies set up branches or offices in China to sell American products . The second stage is for domestic enterprises to set up joint ventures in order to acquire technology , The United States dominates China by sales . Now? UClound And Mirantis The companies that were founded entered 3.0 Pattern , It's led by China , The combination of American and Chinese technology .

We hope to build an open 、 Standard platform , Can help Chinese enterprises , Including the government , Be able to use the most advanced technology to support business development .

It is a consensus that cloud computing is the future development trend , But the security of cloud services is the key factor affecting the development of cloud , And traditional network security companies are generally “ Far from the clouds ”. In order to ensure the convenience of users 、 Secure use of cloud services , Need to find product standardization 、 Leading in security technology , In the international competitive manufacturers to cooperate .

“ Make sure that users in the process of using cloud computing , We can enjoy the fast development of cloud computing 、 Long term and low cost . At the same time, it also protects the access of users' core assets by hackers or internal illegal employees .”

This cooperation with stonenet , Will the mountain stone net branch cloud · world 、 cloud · Lattice products and UMCloud Combined with our services , To provide users with a complete set of security solutions , This is the main purpose and significance of this strategic cooperation .

Two 、 Three key words of strategic cooperation

President and CEO Luo Dongping said , In three years 、 Four years ago, I started to work in the cloud security market , But the real output of security capabilities , Generate greater value , We have to find partners like cloud service providers .

“ Why did you finally find UMCloud? Here are three key words : standard commercial and Security .”

OpenStack Technology is the most standard , So and UMClound Such a partnership , Very consistent with the concept of stonenet . Through and after a long time 、 The combination of standardized technology tested by mature business , To ensure that the customer is provided with a standardized , Mature commercial , And it's a secure cloud service platform .

Choose as a strategic partner , Ji Xinhua also has three key words : major leading and to open up .

“ Here's leading It's not just technology , Shanshi's business model is also very advanced . In fact, I have talked with many companies about cooperation , But many people don't quite understand Cloud Computing , I don't know much about the scene , It's hard to combine with Cloud Computing . But I think rocknet Coro , He has a profound understanding of the development trend of cloud computing , The difficulties in Cloud Computing , It's very valuable .“

3、 ... and 、UCloud The development strategy of our company

Cloud is an ecology , And whether we can build a good ecology , There are several key points . The first is the supply capacity to the upstream , therefore UCloud Will do a lot of work upstream .UCloud It took less than half a year , It has already been in the top ten in China , So I hope to find more capabilities and code from all aspects in the upstream , So that China's cloud capabilities can lead the world .

Use is more valuable than possession .

The second is compatibility . In the original mode , The compatibility of China's hardware products with foreign countries is a big problem , Difference is very big , therefore UCloud Will help Chinese enterprises do more certification , Help domestic enterprises go to the world .

The third is strategy . To build a whole ecosystem , Can make the user more convenient 、 Faster use of cloud platform . Because for many companies ,IT It's not core competence , Just make good use of IT Just support your business , So we need to cooperate with more excellent companies .

Four 、 The micro isolation technology of orodictaceae

The micro isolation of rocks adopts the architecture of fully distributed deployment , On every host server , They all have a virtual board . Through this architecture , When calling the standard interface of the cloud platform , Such as in the virtual machine traction time , It's possible to synchronize policies , And it's not based on cloud platform, it can also implement security strategy , Ensure business continuity , It can upgrade the original site .

Cloud computing is popular , Because it's based on X86 With the maturity of technology and the rapid development of the whole virtualization technology . But cloud computing has a lot of nodes , It brings a big problem of performance processing . How to achieve sustainable expansion of performance , Distributed architecture can solve this problem very well . Through the virtual security module , Orderly performance scaling . Deployed modules , When it runs, it is an ordinary business virtual machine , No need to use Hypervsior, It doesn't depend on the platform . namely “ Standardized interface , Support heterogeneous cloud platforms .”


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The development of cloud services cannot do without the support of security , Not only is UCloud, Ali 、 Baidu 、 Tencent and other cloud service providers are actively building their own cloud security ecosystem , Strategic cooperation with excellent manufacturers that can output standard virtualization security capabilities . this ,UMCloud Cooperation with Shanshi , Undoubtedly, it will promote the business development of both sides , Shanshi has taken another solid step on the road of its cloud virtualization development strategy .

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