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Google AI AlphaGo The news of the man-machine war with South Korean chess player Li Shishi has swept the world , Security circles are no exception . But the safety circle has its own way of playing .

Some highly skilled hacker team or security personnel , They are developing their own AI driven hacking systems . such as BT Americas Chief technology officer Constantine . Karagianis , We have developed a set of artificial intelligence programs that use neural transmission mechanism to simulate the working mode of human brain ——“MarI/O”. This AI program without any prior knowledge , Using random sensing technology , Trying. 30 Many times later , hold “ Super Marie ” The game is through .

Hacking is not as much as shown in the movie “ sexy ”, Most of the hacking is out of “ interesting ”, Or with the nature of revenge or protest .

The success of this program , It means that security scanners built by artificial intelligence can detect complex vulnerabilities in ways we have never imagined . and , This technology requires very little hardware , a slice 1000 The dollar GPU The chip will win 10 A supercomputer that was huge enough to occupy an entire building five years ago .

Safe cow recently learned that , DARPA network challenge Grand Prix (Darpa's Cyber Grand Challenge ) Will be in 8 month 4 in DEF CON The curtain opened on the street . When the , There will be 7 The program is designed by the detachment ( Machine hacker ) Digging holes , Test the ability of machine hackers to solve common problems , So that it can be patched before being manipulated by malicious hackers . The prize money for the challenge final will be as high as 200 Thousands of dollars , The task is to CTF( Flag capture ) Form completion , This will be the first machine hacking contest in human history !

The new concept of machine hacking is proving to be a good recipe for many network security solutions , But again, if the user is a malicious hacker , And there will be serious consequences . just as Hackerone What the founders said :

Anything in the virtual world , No matter how beneficial it seems , In fact, it can be proved that " Double-edged sword ".

The traditional network security measures are in a more and more passive situation , But threat intelligence sharing based on big data analysis and machine learning is the latest protection technology , Can it go further ?

Maybe , Eliminate loopholes 、 The best way to track down malicious hackers , It's a combination of human thinking and machine automation , Maybe this is Google “ Alfa dog ” The biggest revelation to the security circle brought by the man-machine war with go masters .

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