Five core skills of excellent network security practitioners
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Protecting data and systems in modern enterprises , It needs skill support in many different fields .


at present , There is an extreme shortage of network security talents , But what skills should they possess to effectively protect the safety of enterprises ? Here is Five essential core skills for network security practitioners :

Cryptography means learning and practicing secure communication technology , This is an important way to protect the data stored in the computer system .

Encryption is the key to cryptography , It's about coding communications with algorithms , Effectively disrupt data , Let the communication be interpreted only by people who know the algorithm or hold the key .
Telegram、Tor Messenger and WhatsApp And other applications have adopted communication encryption .
But more broadly , Cryptography also includes analysis and construction protocols to prevent third parties from interpreting the meaning of private messages .
Because of the algorithm , A good understanding of mathematics is essential . Cryptography professionals need to understand the internal operation of cryptographic systems , Know how to use these systems properly in real world situations .
The European Commission's certified encryption expert program can bring students and practitioners into the field of cryptography . Some universities also offer degree education in cryptography , For example, cryptography and communication mathematics at Royal Holloway College, University of London .
Information Assurance
Information Assurance (IA) It means ensuring information and managing information in use 、 Handle 、 Risks in transport and storage .

IA Practitioners know how to use all kinds of physical 、 Technology and management level control to protect the integrity and availability of information .
Data leaks may not all come from the outside , Internal employees or former employees who still have data access rights also pose a great threat to data security .
This means that Make an overall framework , Give Way IT Departments can monitor abnormal activities or suspicious data access .
This architecture design requires knowledge of computer network design and infrastructure . The type of network required by the company needs to be taken into account , Some networks are local , And only used within the company , The others are for customers all over the country and the world .
IT The main responsibility of the Department , It is to establish a network that can effectively protect data in line with the company's objectives .
Well known for information security Qualification Include : Registered information system security expert ( CISSP)、 Registered information security officer ( CISM)、 Chief auditor of information security management system ( ISO 27001 LA) And registered information system auditor ( CISA), As well as the new trend of network security technology certification Security+.
Cloud security
As many companies gradually put their core business into the cloud , The ability to control cloud access in a secure way has become a key requirement .

Cloud security faces several major challenges , among ID And access management is the top priority . It means To be able to confirm the identity of users who may access cloud resources from any device in any place .
Knowledge of architecture and infrastructure is also essential for practitioners , Including patch and configuration management 、 Virtualization and application security 、 Change management, etc .
To keep data under strict control at a global level , Cloud security practitioners must have a deep understanding of compliance and legal matters .
Cloud security also includes intrusion detection and event response in cloud environment .
The certification in this respect includes the International Information System Security Certification Association ( (ISC)²) And cloud security professional certification of cloud security alliance ( CCSP).
Business continuity
Business continuity means , Encounter a serious event or disaster , Or being attacked intentionally , There should be all kinds of plans and preparatory actions to avoid the stagnation of main business functions .

Today's distributed denial of service (DDoS) It's relatively easy to shut down the company's website and key infrastructure , The ability to protect data and infrastructure when services are unavailable has become an increasingly important network security technology .
Business continuity practitioners need to understand system design 、 Deploy 、 Support and maintenance , To be able to keep the business going . This requires standards for all possible situations 、 Scheme and strategy .
Business continuity Association (BCI) Provide business continuity qualification certificate ( CBCI), Can be obtained through study and examination . .
A good programming background is a good tool for network security practitioners , Because it helps to understand how an application works , Find out the possible black spots .

IT Security practitioners need to be able to write applications and scripts effectively , Sometimes I have to write in a very short time limit .
Different programming languages have their own qualifications , But more is better . Yes, similar JavaScript and HTML It would be useful to have a grasp of such a framework .
For network security practitioners , Python It's almost a must to know language .

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