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Online privacy programs used to be hot , Now it's quiet . But anonymous Software Tor It's over its tenth year online , And grow into a powerful 、 Deep rooted privacy network . Newly released Tor A real-time map of the Internet shows what this vast global network looks like today .


Last month, , Luke, a freelance programmer in Sydney · Millanda (LukeMillanta) Launched the Onionview plan . It's based on Web, The accountant calculates and tracks Tor The geographic location of the node .Tor Nodes are computers that voluntarily forward encrypted data , They are Tor Users provide anonymity . Millanda's goal is to show Tor The size of the network and its growth .“ People think that Tor It's a small group of people in the basement operating the network through computers . When they see a map, they say ,‘ I went to , The world seems to have at least 6000 Nodes .’”

Millanda's map also allows people to know by comparison which countries are paying Tor Most of the traffic . Even though Tor A research project that originated in the U.S. Navy , Later, it was hosted at MIT , Privacy loving Germans have overtaken the United States, which ranks second in total nodes , Then France 、 Netherlands 、 Russia . The following is the number of nodes in each country :

  • Germany 1364

  • The United States 1328

  • The French 714

  • Netherlands 472

  • Russia 270

  • The British 261

  • The Swedish 210

  • Canada 209

  • Switzerland 148

  • Romania 117

Onionview The chart also captures what Snowden revealed NSA The surveillance program makes Tor Signs of increased footprints : Five years ago ,Tor Network by 2000 The nodes make up , Now there are 6425 Nodes . Even in 2012 year , Snowden leaked NSA The file also shows NSA It's hard to distinguish Tor user . The network today uses thousands of hop nodes , track Tor Users may be more difficult than ever .

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