An alternative interpretation of banditry
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Did you find out ? There is an ironic similarity between the practice of extorting software and legitimate companies .


First , The criminals who manipulate these malware and blackmail software must be honest and talk to their “ Customer ”( In a way , The victims of blackmail software can be called customers ) Conduct honest transactions .

also , Cybercriminals also value their own brand and visibility , The quality of malware , And the reputation management that other legitimate companies have . You can imagine how a malware development team can't sleep “ be conscientious and do one's best ” Do you want to patch their software ?

Some developers have begun to sell their products to black companies , Criminals in turn use these products to deploy their attacks . In that market , There is no doubt that the same process will emerge for legitimate business operations . Black industry also needs the trust model and mechanism that must be established for legal market operation , Isn't this a very ironic thing ?

At the other end of the attack , Criminals who cheat also need “ Keep promise ”. If they don't recover the victim's files , No one will ever pay ransom again . If they trade honestly , Decrypt the victim's files , They can also expect someone in a way ( for instance ,FBI) Will say “ You can pay —— It's easier ”.

actually , For many people , Cost of preventive measures , Like backing up and managing your system backup , It's a lot more than the criminals ask for .

However , The key to safety is : We know , Criminal organizations have to imitate at least some legal business practices . Maybe our response should be less technical , And attacking these criminal organizations “ Legitimacy ” And credit has been strengthened ?

just as 《 Sun Tzu's art of war 》 What I have said ,“ Enemy and know yourself , you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat ”.

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