Three operation mechanisms make cloud the best security solution at present
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Whether you're a big company , Or a non-profit organization , Or are you just a person who sends wechat when you have nothing to do in daily life 、 Brush Taobao 、 Ordinary people who take a big picture of themselves , You are more or less in the cloud , With Cloud Applications of all sizes 、 Cloud environment .


Amazon cloud 、 Apple iCloud cloud 、 Alibaba cloud 、 Tencent cloud 、 Baidu cloud 、 Jin Shan Yun …… It's as if there are countless clouds in the world , High speed 、 Efficient 、 It's easy to connect with the whole world . However , It's such a high speed 、 Efficient 、 The convenient system has been questioned by countless people , Because in the concept of ordinary people , There's always a sense of not being down-to-earth when you put everything in the cloud . It is generally felt that , And the traditional firewall 、 Load balancing 、 Access audit 、 Compared with other network security strategies, such as domain isolation , The seemingly flat cloud computing model brings convenience to users at the same time , It also brings the same convenience to hackers and network terrorists .

In the cloud age today , Network information leakage is becoming more and more serious , Network hackers can often steal valuable data without much effort , For them , The risk of cyber crime is lower 、 Time consuming , They don't even have to leave their warm bedclothes . This also makes many people have a problem with cloud computing solutions , Even some enterprises refuse to use the cloud , The only reason is , They think the cloud is used , Their data could be at great risk of being leaked .

The whole Internet is actively calling for , I hope we can enjoy the convenience of cloud computing and cloud storage technology , You don't have to worry about your data being sniped by cyber terrorists . But happily , As a new industrial form with rapid development , The cloud computing industry is not complacent 、 Shut oneself up in a room making a cart , I've been paying attention to the feedback of the whole Internet 、 Listen to the whole world . Actually , Cloud computing technology as an emerging Internet technology , With a more optimized security operation mechanism . today , Let's share the three operation mechanisms of current cloud computing technology , Explore the security of cloud computing .

One 、 Cognitive security (Cognitive Security)

Like many forms of cognitive computing , Cognitive security can be self-learning , It can adapt to the newly received data according to the previous experience . Once you get the data , It will focus on the information and the isolation model that the future should follow , It's like iPhone Of Siri You can learn from users' vocabulary and habits to focus on services .

This more powerful insight enables cloud computing not only to deal with current threats , It can also predict and prepare for the future . Although there are a steady stream of threats and viruses against cloud security from hackers and viruses , Cognitive security can combat zero day attacks 、 High level persistent threat (APT)、 Exploit tools 、 Trojans and a series of other internal network threats .

For enterprises , This technology is now very mature , Can be installed in the current system to improve user security . also , Based on its self-learning characteristics , The safety protection capability of this technology is still being tempered and improved , It provides more and more secure defense guarantee for the future of cloud computing .

Two 、 Security gateway or security agent (Security Gateways/Brokers)

Another way to improve cloud security is to create more stringent access points , Through this access point , The user's access request can be sent to a specific gateway to analyze the validity and intention of the user's entry .

The purpose of this , It's to capture hackers and viruses before they reach the cloud . Such a product can authenticate users 、 Implementing data protection strategies , You can even control how users access applications and share information , With such products , We can realize the security system to monitor cloud computing more closely .

3、 ... and 、 Cloud security executors (Cloud Security Enforcer)

The cloud security executor adopts a similar strategy to gateway monitoring , Monitoring cloud access at a very fine level . Security executors use access policies for specific applications , After the strict authentication of users and their habit of collecting data in the cloud, they are allowed to access .

By analyzing which applications are in use and which data are being accessed , The cloud security executor can detect the attempt behavior of hackers in advance , And implement the corresponding security protocol . About privacy issues of common concern , What information does cloud security executor disclose 、 Monitoring any information follows a very strict strategy .

With cloud security executors , You can prevent invasion 、 Eliminate the zero day threat 、 Monitoring traffic behavior analysis , Ensure that cloud computing has better security .

Cloud computing is still an evolving technology , It brings us many benefits at the same time , It also brings a lot of worries . But new cloud security technologies are also rising , More and more high-level protection is provided for cloud computing providers . Some cloud security technologies have been applied in real cloud computing environment , There are many new cloud security technologies that are still under development . There are indications that , Whether it's public or private , Cloud computing brings us more than convenience , And it's safer than ever , It can be said that cloud computing may be the best security solution at present and even in the future .

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