# What is? CDN?

Content distribution network (Content Delivery Network, abbreviation CDN) It is built and covered on the bearing network , A distributed network made up of edge node servers distributed in different regions .
CDN Widely applied , Support a variety of industries 、 Multiple scene content acceleration , for example : Picture small file 、 Big file download 、 Video and audio on demand 、 Live streaming 、 Speed up the whole station 、 Safe acceleration .

Simply speaking ,CDN Let users get the content they need nearby , Reduce network congestion , Improve user access response speed and hit rate .

Sum up ,CDN It has the following main functions :
(1) Save backbone bandwidth , Reduce bandwidth requirements ;
(2) Provide server-side acceleration , Solve the problem of server overload caused by large user access ;
(3) Service provider can use Web Cache Technology caches locally what users access Web Pages and objects , The access of the same object does not need to occupy the exit bandwidth of the trunk , And improve the demand of the corresponding time for users to visit the Internet page ;
(4) Can overcome the problem of uneven distribution of websites , And it can reduce the construction and maintenance cost of the website ;

(5) Reduce “ Communication storm ” Influence , Improve the stability of network access .

# How to judge the existence of CDN

1. direct ping

Not at the same time , Then judge the existence of cdn. When they are the same, they don't exist CDN.

2. Using multi node technology to judge the request

For example, super ping, Return multiple IP Value, there is CDN. Return to single IP There is no CDN.

# Bypass CDN Methods

1. Subdomain query to get real ip

Some subdomains and domain names may be deployed on the same server , Guess the subdomain name of ip May be the target site of ip

There are many subdomain query tools or platforms on the Internet

such as :https://dnsdb.io/zh-cn/

2. Exploit website vulnerabilities

Some websites may have phpin Minggan information leaks 、Apache status and Jboss status Leakage of sensitive information 、 The source code of the web page is leaked 、svn Information disclosure letter 、github Information leakage, etc . If exist web Loophole , The server initiated a request to connect with us , We can also get the real site ip. for example xss、ssrf、 Command execution bounce shell etc. .

such as phpinfo, Test with your own build :

3. Using email query service

You need to download a mail service software , such as foxmail, Download link :https://www.foxmail.com/

Some websites register new users , You can sign up by email , It can be inferred that the mail server and the website are on the same server or network segment .

Check the mail source code when registering to get the real mail server ip And then infer the truth of the website ip Address .

Received Item is the address of the mail server .

4. Use a foreign address to request

Some websites are not set up in other countries CDN node , So when you visit a website abroad, you can visit the source site directly from time to time, so as to get the truth ip.

You can use vpn Switch foreign nodes to access 、ping、nslookup And so on ip.

5. Use the third party interface to query the real ip

For example, foreign interface :


At home : The intelligence community


6. Use the dark engine to search specific files to get real IP.

Three common search engines :

Zhong Kui's eyes :https://www.zoomeye.org/

For example, some documents ico The file is specific , You can use the hash value of the file to search in the search engine .

Get the file of the file hash There are many ways to value .
Command line :

Get-FileHash + file name 

perhaps python Code view ico Of documents hash( Environmental Science python2):

import mmh3
import requests
response = requests.get(' file url')
favicon = response.content.encode('base64')
hash = mmh3.hash(favicon)

obtain hash And then use it shodan Search for


7. Sweep the whole net

 adopt Zmap、masscan、fuckcdn、w8fuckcdn And other tools to scan the entire Internet , Search keywords for scanning results , Get the website real IP.
fuckcdn Usage method :
open set.ini The configuration file , Just follow the instructions

Run... After configuration .exe File can .

The other tool steps are roughly the same , No more demonstrations .

8. A little trick

Some websites may add www. And no addition www. Back to ip It may be different ,cdn Nodes may be deployed in www. On . real ip Maybe it's the one not added .

Some websites may be mobile , The format for m., Often this is not set cdn, Get real ip.

When it's impossible to judge by hand synthesis , You can check the website record number and address , And then combined with the scanning ip Compare regional addresses to get real ip Address .

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