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In botnets 、MyDoom Before worms and Stuxnet , The malware that attacks personal computers is compared to the current malware , It's beyond recognition .

At that time, the operating system on personal computers was still DOS. Some viruses ( There was no name for malware at that time ) It's just irritating , Some destroy files or mess up your system , But anyway , They're all very stylish .


The famous Internet Archive Network (Internet Archive, Also known as “ Website time reversal machine ”) There's a new column ,“ Museum of malware ”, It shows the last century 80 From the age of 90 All kinds of viruses in the '80s . Visitors can revisit those troublemakers in the history of computer through the browser .

To ensure the safety of visitors , All the viruses were removed by the creator of the museum, and the code that could actually cause damage , And run the simulation in the browser DOS Environment . Currently, the malware museum contains 65 Samples , Include “ ambulance ”、“ Italian ” Wait for fun viruses . The former is a ASCII The animation formed by code , It's going to bang against the wall . The latter displays an Italian flag and a sentence on the screen :“ Italy is the best country in the world .” All in all , All kinds of funny 、 All kinds of style .

If you are interested , Accessible :


It is suggested that PC Watch up , A variety of exotic flowers ~



This product adds new skills , Avoid being found by security personnel .

Trustwave Spider lab researchers are analyzing the exploit Kit “ neutrinos ”(Neutrino) They found , The computers they use are not compatible with distribution “ neutrinos ” Connect to your server , Even if it changes IP Address and Web browser , I can't get a response from the server .

There is no doubt that there is no problem in analyzing the environment , But it's just visiting ‘ neutrinos ’ There's a problem .

Vulnerability toolkit can help cyber criminals infect computers efficiently . Malware authors and attackers have been working to block the research of security researchers on their malware attack methods . such as , Some malicious programs are running on the virtual machine , Will automatically exit .

By tossing traffic back and forth to the neutrino server , The researchers finally found the problem .


Neutrinos use passive operating system fingerprints to collect and analyze “ From the connecting host to the local network ” Of traffic , The passive operating system fingerprint function does not require the remote host to know that the packets it sends are being captured . therefore , Neutrinos can do bad things quietly , And nobody knows . Active operating system fingerprints are the opposite , It triggers alerts from firewalls and intrusion detection devices .

The researchers also found that , Neutrinos use passive operating system fingerprints in order to shut down information from Linux Host connection , And most security personnel are used to it when doing research and analysis Linux. therefore , It effectively reduces the risk of being detected by automatic scanning and security personnel .

Have to admit , Neutrino developers are smart , Because since the server is not responding , Generally speaking, it will be considered offline , It's easy to be ignored by security personnel .



The puzzles on this Christmas card have baffled the whole of Britain .

UK government communications headquarters (GCHQ) Issued a Christmas card , There is a multi-level password challenge on the card . There are about 60 Ten thousand people have solved the first problem , The answer is a quick response code (QR). But the next challenge is more and more difficult , Only 3 Ten thousand people rushed to the last level ( There are five levels ), But so far, no one has passed the customs .

The first level

GCHQ Design this password challenge , One is for their own publicity , The second is to do charity , Call on everyone to donate money to child protection agencies in the UK .GCHQ Robert, our director . Hannigan says , I'm glad that so many people participate in the problem solving and donate money , The only hint he can give is , The answer is not as complicated as you think .

“ What I hope to do is to show our work through this decryption activity , Keep Britain safe . We need all kinds of backgrounds 、 People with all kinds of skills , People who can see things from all kinds of angles .”

Interested students can go to have a try :


The answer will be made public in the near future .

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