The computer reloads the system difficulty analysis, in the partition several key points have come, these do you know?
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The system belongs to software , We turn on the computer and use the operating system to deal with software , Because many friends don't operate the system correctly , In the end, the system will go wrong , For example, one step shutdown 、 Press the power button to turn off 、 Delete system files 、 Download rogue software 、 Upgrade driver 、 Fixing bugs is the easiest way to go wrong , Once something goes wrong with the system , We are going to take the way of restoring the factory and reloading the system to solve the problem , But there are win10 The system will display the interface of restoring the factory settings , So reloading the system highlights its advantages , As long as the computer is a software problem , We can all solve it by reloading the system , Actually, it's very easy to reload the computer system , But many novice Xiaobai because they do not understand , Plus being timid or having important data in the computer , I dare not easily toss my computer , Today, I'm going to sort out the key and difficult points of reloading the system , Then I will share with you some data knowledge in the system partition , In this case , You can rest assured and boldly reload the system !

 Analysis of the difficulties of computer re installation system , Here are some of the highlights of the zoning , Do you know all this ?

Reshipment system .

Windows It's the operating system we use most , I'll focus on this system , install Windows The system is divided into installation version and Ghost There are two ways , It's a disadvantage to copy data in the installation version , Generally, we still use Ghost Version based , Now let me tell you Ghost The process of system reassembly , The first step is to make U start-up , Step 2: enter the quick start item or BIOS System settings or selection U Boot is the first boot , The third step is to enter U disc PE System partition and copy system , The fourth step is to pull out U disc , Wait for the system to decompress successfully .

It seems that the process is very simple after watching it , And it's true , It's easy to understand , It's hard not to understand , Next, I will list and analyze the key and difficult points of system re installation , as follows :

Difficulty one : Don't recognize U Disk or hard disk

This is a way to directly cause the system to fail to install , We need to be in BIOS It can be set up for recovery or another one USB Socket for re-entry BIOS System , General don't recognize U Disk and hard disk after such a simple operation will solve .

 Analysis of the difficulties of computer re installation system , Here are some of the highlights of the zoning , Do you know all this ?

BIOS System settings .

Difficulty 2 : System restore failed

In this case, the installed system does not correspond to your partition mode , If the partition is GUID Format , The copy system has to choose ISO The system of suffixes , If it is MBR Format the partition , We choose Ghost Format system is OK .

Difficulty 3 : The system is not working

Abnormal system refers to the network after successfully entering the system 、 keyboard 、 mouse 、 The touchpad is not working , In this case, the system is not compatible , At this point, we have to replace other systems to solve the problem .

Above is the novice Xiaobai reload system often encountered three difficult knowledge , Now let's talk about the key and difficult points of system partition , You should pay attention to my words , Partition must format a disk , It doesn't have to be in the original computer system C disc , Partition will face the problem of data copy , stay PE In the system, we can copy important data before partitioning , Now let's talk about the difficulties of partition and pay attention to knowledge , as follows :

 Analysis of the difficulties of computer re installation system , Here are some of the highlights of the zoning , Do you know all this ?

Format the current partition .

Partition knowledge point one : Other disks have important data and don't want to format

Partition can only format the original system disk , You can also format the hard disk and partition it directly , If other disks have important data , We have to format only the original system C disc , Instead of deleting all partitions , If there is no important data , It can be operated at will .

Partition knowledge point 2 : The system capacity is small , Other disks have data , How to increase the system capacity

This is also a kind that many friends often encounter , Like the system disk 50G, Other disks 200G, It was used 30G, At this time, the capacity of the system disk needs to be expanded , But other disks have data , At this point, we need to expand the system disk capacity by expanding the partition , We just need to right-click the system disk to see the expansion partition , At this point, we can expand the capacity of the system disk , At the same time, it will not affect the data of other disks .

 Analysis of the difficulties of computer re installation system , Here are some of the highlights of the zoning , Do you know all this ?

Split partition .

Partition knowledge point 3 : The system disk was accidentally deleted from the current partition

Sometimes a wrong operation causes the partition of the system disk to be deleted , At this time, you need to pay attention to creating the current partition , We must confirm whether we want to establish a primary partition or a logical partition , Partition scallop selection 4096 alignment , Then click OK .

The above is the knowledge of partition , As long as you understand these three knowledge points , Your hard disk data will not be lost . If you look at it carefully, you'll see that's what it's like to reload the computer system , There is no difficulty , The difficulty is that I have encountered some knowledge that I don't understand , Get stuck , I think as long as you grasp these system installation difficulties , Master these knowledge points , Even if you are white , It's easy to learn how to install the system . I don't know if you will refit the computer system ? Feel free to leave a comment !

Original works , copyright , Without permission , No embezzlement ! article 、 The pictures are original , Original author : Zhu Hu ! I focus on sharing the simple and easy to understand knowledge of digital technology , Learn from each other , Progress together ! Thank you for your praise and attention ! See you next time !

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