Old language is still strong, why can't go, kotlin and other new languages break the game?
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Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) Recently, a top-level language report on enterprise application development was released , The results show that the top companies with the highest utilization rate are 10 It's a language :Java、JavaScript、C ++、C#、Python、PHP、VB.NET、C、Visual Basic 6 and VBA .

Once again, ,Java and JavaScript Leading enterprise utilization rate . Their age gives them credibility , There are many tools and frameworks to choose from , And rich learning materials .

It was also found that , Different regions , There are also differences in the use of language , Such as ,JavaScript and Java Top usage in North America , But in Asia , Use Java and C ++ More common .

Those new languages ?

go back to 2018 year 2 month ,Go Release 2017 User survey report , Show Go It's becoming more and more popular in business . exactly ,Go Has been growing steadily , From Amateur language to language that can be found in the office . In the survey ,67% Of the respondents said they used it at work Go .Upwork Vice President, Shoshana Deutschkron Also had said ,Go Is one of the fastest growing programming languages , And it is increasingly used to build smart contracts for blockchain . stay 2018 year 5 Released on Hacker News On the recruitment trend list ,Go Into the top ten , Become the most noteworthy skill .

However , In this time Cloud Foundry Foundation Under investigation ,Go In the tail echelon ( The first 20 name ).

As for the other one who had high hopes Kotlin , Not even before 25 name , At the end of “ other ” In the list . Previous surveys have shown that , Most of the Kotlin Developers are switching from Java developer , And most of them are still using it at the same time Java . Many other findings also show that ,Kotlin This young language is becoming more and more popular . However , As you can see above , The increase of popularity can not be directly translated into the increase of commercial consumption .

** therefore , Why companies avoid using new languages ? **

The most direct answer is , New is not always better . We all have a job , Deo gratias , A new change could disrupt the workflow , And bring some problems that I haven't touched before . Another answer might be , The new language is fashionable , But it's not always the best solution .

You think we should stick to the classic language when we work , Or should we use a new language ? Welcome comments .

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