Win10 tablet surface Pro 4 not connected to WiFi? Microsoft teaches you to solve it
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There are more or less minor defects in any electronic product , For Microsoft Surface Come on ,WiFi Connectivity problems seem to be common , Specific performance: Surface After wake up Wi-Fi Can't use 、Wi-Fi Limited connection 、Wi-Fi It works, but it's slow or weak . Microsoft has been improving Surface Of WiFi Connection performance , There is almost one improvement in every firmware update .

Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Not even WiFi? Microsoft teaches you to solve

About WiFi Connection problem , Microsoft customer service received a lot of help from users . To help users quickly solve WiFI Connect “ problem ”, Microsoft has opened a special guidance page on its official website , If you encounter problems, you can follow the steps given to check them step by step . Of course , If you are a very experienced Windows user , These suggestions may not come in handy , But for novice users, it has a certain guiding role . Microsoft thinks that you're also solving WiFi The first thing to do when connecting problems .

Six solutions Surface Pro 4 Other equipment WiFi Connection problem :

resolvent 1:

install Surface Latest updates .

matters needing attention : You must be online to install updates . If you connect to your family Wi-Fi I have a problem with the Internet , Try connecting to the public network of a cafe or library . If nothing is available Wi-Fi The Internet , You can connect to the Internet in many other ways : Try going online with a wired connection and installing updates . If Surface 3 Tablets have built-in mobile broadband connections , Please connect to Internet. besides , You can also use mobile phones Internet Shared network .

After networking , Check for latest updates . The operation method is as follows :

step 1: go to “ Start ”, Choose in turn “ Set up ”>“ Updates and security ”>“Windows to update ”.

step 2: choice “ Check for updates ”. If updates are available , select “ Details ”.

You may need to restart after installing the update Surface. In addition to installation Surface and Windows The latest update of , Also check the router manufacturer's website to download the latest router updates ( The firmware update ).

resolvent 2:

Check the system date and time settings .

Check and correct as necessary Surface Date and time settings for . The operation method is as follows :

step 1: go to “ Start ”, Choose in turn “ Set up ”>“ Time and language ”>“ Date and time ”.

step 2: Make sure the information is correct or change as needed .

resolvent 3:

stay Surface On restart Wi-Fi

Here's a restart Wi-Fi Methods :

step 1: go to “ Start ”, Choose in turn “ Set up ”>“ The Internet and Internet”>“Wi-Fi”.

step 2: stay “Wi-Fi” Next , Move the slider to “ close ”, Then move to “ Enable ”.

step 3: Select the network you want to connect to as needed , And then choose “ Connect ”. Confirm that the network status is now displayed as “ Connected ”.

resolvent 4:

Restart the network hardware and restart Surface

Try restarting the modem 、 Routers and Surface. The operation method is as follows :

step 1: Unplug the modem and wireless router .

step 2: After all the lights on the device are off , Please wait for at least 30 Second , Then power up the modem again .

Be careful : Some modems have backup batteries , Used to prevent lights from going out . For this modem , Please press and quickly release the reset button . If you don't see the reset button , Please take out the battery .

step 3: Power up the router , And then wait another minute . then , Restart Surface.

resolvent 5:

Run troubleshooting

Network troubleshooters or network adapter troubleshooters help diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi problem . How to use network troubleshooting is as follows :

step 1: Select the search box in the lower left corner of the screen .

step 2: Type in the search box “ Network troubleshooting ”, Then select... From the search results “ Identify and fix network problems ”.

How to use the network adapter is as follows :

step 1: Select the search box in the lower left corner of the screen .

step 2: Type in the search box “ Troubleshooting ”, Then select... From the search results “ Troubleshooting ”.

step 3: Choose in turn “ The Internet and Internet”>“ network adapter ”.

step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen . See if you can connect to Wi-Fi.

resolvent 6:

Manually re install the wireless driver

If the driver of the wireless network card is damaged or not installed , Will cause connection problems . You can use Windows Update to update the driver , You can also install the driver manually as needed . All models Surface Pro as well as Surface 3 Wireless network card driver can be downloaded here .

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