Lao Luo donated money for the open source community, and said that hammer will write its own OS
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stay 8 month 20 At the hammer new product launch held on the evening of the day , Hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao announces , The ticket revenue of this conference is 49.33 Ten thousand yuan . In addition to donating all the ticket revenue of the press conference to open source organizations according to the past practice , Luo Yonghao himself also added 50 More than ten thousand , Open source organization OpenSSL、OpenBSD contribution , total 100 RMB 10,000 yuan .

Here's the thing to watch , Lao Luo also announced a more important news at the end of the press conference —— Said hammer technology will start in six months from the bottom to write their own next-generation operating system plan , And it's not based on Android Bottom . Lao Luo also specially emphasized that , This is the operating system for the next generation of computing platform , Not just mobile phones . He also joked , In the future, some of their innovative applications will rely on their own underlying technologies , Let those who plagiarize have nowhere to copy . Information about the operating system , Lao Luo didn't give you any more details , We can only wait and see .

But listen to Lao Luo , Their own operating system may choose not to open source ?

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