Brand has no registered trademark, can do brand Baidu Encyclopedia
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Now, whether it's business or personal , They all pay more attention to brands , We all know the importance of brands ; Baidu Encyclopedia has high authority in brand promotion , User trust , Good ranking , So it is given priority by enterprises and individuals ; But brands don't have trademarks , In fact, too many small companies and personal brands have not registered trademarks , But also want to do Baidu Encyclopedia . The following is the analysis of Xu Guoxiang in the world of the whole network that the brand has no registered trademark , Can do brand Baidu Encyclopedia not ?

 The brand has no registered trademark , Can we do Baidu Encyclopedia

One 、 No trademark , Can do Baidu Encyclopedia

Trademarks are not the only proof , It's just that there's a trademark , Create Baidu Encyclopedia , Baidu official website will go through ; If there is no trademark , The probability of official approval of encyclopedia is very low ; But low doesn't mean No , You can use the official website , Through the news source reference to support the creation of .

Two 、 No trademark , How to create success

① Try to apply for trademark

This is the fastest way , The safest way , But it's really a long time , Or you can't apply for it , You can also consider the following methods .

② Official website

Many brands of enterprises are randomly selected , So it can be done through the official website , This kind of website needs to be well built , The success rate of this method is not too high , I want to have a higher success rate , It can also be promoted online , More coverage of brand information , This increases the pass rate .

③ Reference materials support

Encyclopedia is hard to pass , A lot of the time it's official auditors , It's not clear if this thing exists , Or whether it's true , There's no exaggeration , So a lot of time we need authoritative references to prove it ; So we can publish a lot of brand related information to some authoritative websites , And then use it to create an encyclopedia .

Of course, there are many reasons why the creation of brand encyclopedia is not successful , Most of the time, a trademark may not be created successfully , For example, whether the copy is in line with the plan , Whether words are absolute, etc , Will affect the encyclopedia through , Create an encyclopedia all over the world 10 many years , Have rich practical experience , If you have friends who can't or can't create successfully, you can communicate more !

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