How secure is a hybrid cloud?
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“ A hybrid cloud ” This word has a broad denotation , Maybe that's why so many companies have announced that they plan to adopt hybrid cloud . If you're rolling out a hybrid cloud strategy , I'm afraid the security issues you need to consider will not be the ones you expect .


Hybrid clouds cater for this year IT World taste .《 Evino global mixed cloud survey 》 Show in report , Executives are particularly optimistic about its prospects :75% 's executives think hybrid cloud should be their company's annual focus this year ;72% Anticipate 2018 Mixed clouds were introduced in 2005 ;76% We look forward to bringing most of their applications and services in the next three years —— Including data and Analysis 、 Key systems like office applications and customer-oriented services , Moving to a hybrid cloud environment .

Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud team gave a similar number , Indicates its 2/3 Most enterprise customers are optimistic about hybrid cloud .Gartner According to a survey conducted by ,“3/4 Most companies see hybrid cloud as something that brings expected business value ”. Mike, vice president of Microsoft Enterprise Cloud · Neil says the ratio changes quickly ,“ We rarely hear clients say ‘ I just want to be on the public cloud ’ or ‘ I just want to confine myself to the enterprise ’. Adopting the mix and match of some internal services and some cloud services has gradually become the mainstream view of customers .”

in fact , In the evino study 65% The company said : If you can , They'll soon be cutting all their data centers and switching to public or hybrid cloud based solutions . It's not just obvious cost cutting ;61% Most people think that cloud services , Especially mixed clouds , It's more secure than the field data center , How to host company applications and data .

Microsoft Azure Mark, chief technology officer of cloud platform · Rasinovic claims , Most of Microsoft's customers say “ We're shutting down the data center , We're merging data centers , Everything we're doing right now is in the cloud ”. and , We've seen wealth 500 Some of the most important enterprises in the strong are quite radical , Claim that they have plans to abandon all in-house software or services within two years , All moving to the cloud .

It can be said that , By the end of next year, the trend of cloud computing is not alarmist .

But at the same time , The evino survey also shows that some of these ideas are too optimistic . More than half of executives don't know about hybrid cloud and pure simultaneous use of cloud services + There are differences in internal systems —— It's like infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Run a virtual machine or use Skype Conduct business radio conference with you from Lync The server gets the same unified communication service .

Let's take a few steps back , Find out what you mean when you talk about mixed clouds , It's not only wise to do the work , Maybe it's necessary .

Understanding hybrid clouds

The definition of hybrid cloud is actually quite broad , It can mean that part of the business is handled by internal software while part of the business is in the cloud . Another example ,Office 365 Yes Expre***oute The word hybrid is also used in common cloud services such as cloud support . This is a kind of will Office 365 The ability to place terminals in their own network infrastructure , In this way, customers will not access Microsoft through the public Internet, but through their own network service provider lines Azure cloud . In this case , Everything you use is completely in the cloud , But it's connected to its own internal infrastructure .”

Rasinovic said : The more integrated , The closer it gets to a mixed cloud .“ Specific to the Azure Service , What I care about , It supports the seamless connection between the enterprise environment and the cloud —— Intelligent networking and stability . We hope to enable you to deploy applications both internally and in the cloud —— With the same application model , And managing it in the same way .”

Hybrid cloud is also a simpler way to take advantage of services that can only run on a cloud scale , For example, we want to apply machine learning and prediction analysis to systems that are not connected to any cloud .

Carry such as Clutter and Delve Such mail and document processing services , Microsoft is becoming a big player in this field .Power BI From cloud services and self owned SQL Server applications provide historical business intelligence and real-time data analysis ;Azure The active directory can remind remote initiated login with stolen credentials or login at the same time ; Or a new operations management suite that analyzes server settings and alerts customers of potential attacks .

Not buying and operating large-scale hardware , Or even use the public cloud and set up and maintain a similar Hadoop Complex systems of clusters , It's about buying cloud services as opposed to internal systems . It's a good balance , Customers get the value of the internal system, but they don't have to take the responsibility of maintenance .

without doubt : Mixed clouds are coming to us

Cloud service is an extension model that can migrate your application or data into the cloud for extra space and performance , But security is an unavoidable topic .

Whether it's using the public cloud to provide consistency OpenStack Build a private cloud system , Or similar to Microsoft cloud platform system 、VCE The league VBlock Full cabinet Kit 、 Cisco UCS Cloud resource platform or the pre built system of Dell and HP “ Converged infrastructure ”, This hybrid cloud assumes that your internal systems are highly automated and standardized .

Although some VCE Customers seek private cloud because of data security and privacy protection needs , Hybrid clouds are still the target for most of them ——VCE Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Chief technology officer Nigel · Morton said .“ hybrid model —— You sort the data and keep some of it inside the company , The other is a model that is relatively reassuring and willing to place it on a more open infrastructure , It's the direction we see most people investing in .”

More and more internal systems are being designed to accommodate mixed cloud models .SQL Server 2016 Integrated cloud burst mode for servers , More and more business process services make it very convenient for you to move virtual machines to the cloud when you need more capacity .

If you use Microsoft's StorSimple The storage device , You'll get one ‘ Infinite ’ Storage area network for (SAN). It looks like it's on your internal infrastructure SAN, But it can replicate 、 Compress 、 Layering your current working dataset at the same time , It can also be based on the cloud service you choose (Azure、Azure Government、Amazon S3 or OpenStack cloud ) Automatically back up snapshots and cascading cold data . Data is encrypted , It can be used Expre***oute Connect , But you can still move data to the cloud without human intervention .

Automated and seamless low friction connectivity makes it easy for data and workload to move to and from the cloud without intervention . And that means you need to set up a clear security policy in advance , And automatically apply , Otherwise, you'll find that you've pulled up things you don't want to put in the cloud .

Safety comes from profession

Rasinovic suggests :“ There has to be a learning process , And it's obvious that what you're going to learn is the lowest risk thing that's worth the ticket back . You need to know how much it costs me , What's the best way to do it , How can I explore the security situation without putting the whole business at risk .”

The learning process is also a process of saving money , Or the process of getting practical experience of cloud cost . You can put the test environment in the cloud , Because if software testing is done locally , It's going to take up infrastructure , And I spent more than half of my time waiting for the results . When moving to the cloud , You can learn about hybrid cloud connectivity , Access the internal environment to test resources in a secure way to avoid direct exposure to the Internet . in addition , You can also learn how to modernize the application of enterprises when you migrate .

in addition , If you connect some lower risk systems to the cloud , It helps to master the hybrid cloud strategy . For example, low-risk projects such as customer-oriented websites and marketing activities , It can be put in the cloud . Of course , We need to understand how to implement security compliance in a world without Group Policy , In this case , Access control is not determined by network structure, but by application developers .

then , You can go further , Towards a more complex hybrid model , Set up the application front end on the cloud and keep the data inside the company . Usually , More sensitive data is the most difficult to migrate , Because the ecosystem data within the enterprise is based on the fixed-point storage and specific access , And migrating all the systems and data will cost a lot of money .

Want migration to work effectively in order of priority , Data classification is needed , The complexity of analytical applications and the sensitivity of the data they process , And identify applications that handle confidential and proprietary information .

Now it's much easier than it used to be , Because like HIPPA bill ( A bill to simplify administration to reduce growing medical costs )、Sox bill (《 Sarbanes act 》, It involves the supervision of accounting profession 、 Corporate governance 、 Securities market supervision, etc ) and Basel 3 Rules and regulations like capital regulation agreements don't just make companies take security seriously , They also set up a framework for categorizing data , There will also be regular audits by regulators , To see if it's compliant .

The change of enterprise management model makes hybrid cloud migration easier , Safety is no longer a concern after an accident , It's integrated into the risk model and risk assessment .

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