What do state supported Internet companies need to know
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For many companies and their CIOs , The disturbing cruel reality is : There are very few in the world today ( If any ) Companies are not at risk of data being stolen by cyber attacks .


The value of information and the growing availability and patience of hackers , It means that companies need to have full confidence that their security mechanisms are sufficient to monitor and withstand any attack that attempts to penetrate the system or steal data .

You bet , Any organization , Whether public or private , Will have some information that a third party may be interested in .

Whether it's through the acquisition of intellectual property rights to occupy a competitive advantage , Reduce the investment of money and time in launching new products to the market , Or political gain by creating chaos , Many companies store a lot of information that others might be happy to get .

Thanks to the rise of state sponsored cyber attacks , In recent years , Hacker's “ Tradition ” The image has changed in a way . Increasingly, this new form of attack cannot be seen as an individual act , It's organizational behavior .

“ Tradition ” Cyber gangs tend to be made up of a small number of people , there were snakes and vipers creeping around among the dragons -- the high and low were mixed together , They tend to target the whole company , A quick victory . They usually don't have enough time and resources for long-term hacking or targeting a specific individual , therefore , They withdraw when their general economic interests are in hand .

contrary , The organizations behind state sponsored cyber attacks often operate more like companies . They're bigger , Can invest a lot of time in research , Focus on the specific executives of the company , Hacking on a longer time scale .

They are also in a better position to develop new methods and technologies , Make it harder for companies to guard against .

Besides ,“ Springboard tactics ”, That is to use the tactics of one company to break into another and then penetrate into the whole supply chain , Its popularity and influence should not be underestimated . The private sector can sometimes be used as a gateway to the public sector , vice versa .

The effectiveness and profitability of network attacks is one of the main reasons why attacks are more and more frequent . A successful cyber attack can bring the perpetrator into contact with the organization 、 Personal and data .

and , The organizations behind state sponsored cyber attacks are often like “ real ” It's the same company that operates , We can see “ Principal position ” It's hackers who target companies and seek to break through their systems . This means that there are more attacks than before .

however , Because most state supported cyber attacks tend to last a long time before they are discovered , Currently available data usually does not provide a completely accurate real-time representation of the true severity of the problem .

Given the universality and nature of state sponsored cyber attacks , It is very difficult to obtain relevant information from the published materials . This means that companies usually search for ( Or monitoring ) Possible state supported attacks are struggling very much , Because they often don't know what to look for .

The biggest challenge for companies is , It's more likely to be an enterprise class, super patient and technological cyber criminal organization that only focuses on acquiring specific information , Many companies have relatively few people responsible for their own IT Security .

Another challenge , It's the time these criminal organizations use to develop new tactics for hacking into target systems or tracking specific people . The company is facing a rapidly changing situation , Usually, a company hasn't dealt with one type of attack , Another completely different type of attack is coming .

Needless to say , Companies need to have a modern robust and secure system to protect their network . But in fact , More efforts should be put into planning for hackers to actually enter the company's Network , And how to minimize the damage caused by hackers .

Companies should be faster in detecting intrusions , And ensure as little data loss as possible .

Besides , Staff should be trained to prevent cheating : Any email or link that looks suspicious should be reported as soon as possible so that the rest of the company can be alerted immediately .

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