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2013 year 6 month , Baidu cloud acceleration starts .

2013 end of the year , To stay in 1 Million users , Become the second in the market .

2014 year 7 month ,2.0 Version Online .

2014 end of the year , Market share first .

2015 year 9 month 17 Japan ,3.0 Version release .

Baidu cloud acceleration 3.0


Ma Jie, general manager of Baidu cloud security, first appeared to review the development process of cloud acceleration , And then cloud acceleration 3.0 The advantage of . Its global one-stop service platform , Include CDN Speed up ( Dozens at home and abroad 50G Super nodes , So that the speed of access to foreign networks and domestic level )、 Security ( Baidu brain is the largest deep machine learning network in the world , Combined with cloud acceleration 、cloundfare Heyundi , Baidu's overall bandwidth reserve is 5T) and SEO.

Adn + Bdn + Cdn + Ddn +... = Xdn

Baidu security strategy


Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu, said when he appeared , Plus PDN( Partner protection network ), The success of Baidu Xdn. He explained to the audience his judgment of three trends in safety :


China's security companies are globalizing , Secure the global network . Baidu will provide impetus and impetus for this trend .


After the interconnection of all things , It's the security of the physical world . Baidu uses the world's leading artificial intelligence technology , It has formed a whole system from enterprise level security products to personal security applications “ Pan security ” Product layout , Bring connectivity 、 linkage 、 The clustering advantage of mutual support .


Security protection is not just traditional vulnerability management 、 resist D, It also includes acceleration 、 machine learning 、SEO etc. , We need to build an ecosystem , Cooperation and growth together .

1T On site attack and defense drill

The attacker -- Letv TV

The defenders -- China Telecom cloud dike 、cloundflare、 Baidu cloud accelerates tripartite alliance


After the secondary flow is successfully protected instantaneously , The third traffic increase reached its peak, creating a new world record ,1040G. The biggest before DDoS The attack was recorded as 453.8G.

Some friends who followed the press conference expressed their views and questions on this issue , In an exclusive interview with the reporter, Ma Jie answered one by one .

So much traffic , The domestic Internet will not have an accident ?

Actually , We are also worried about the possibility of going to tea . But fortunately, protection has been tested , And we also made plans , And shorten the drill time as much as possible . Once there is a possibility of an accident , Stop attacking traffic immediately , The telecommunications sector is also in full swing , Deal with any unexpected problems .

How did such a large amount of traffic start ?

LETV's global 100 Two video nodes , Each node is calculated on average 10G. For LETV TV For such a large amount of video traffic , It 's not an exaggeration .

How to protect such a large flow , And the response time is so fast ?

First, the source of the attack is certain , Furthermore, when the attack is launched , Prevent the use of overseas traffic Anycast Technology spread to CloudFlare Cleaning on many super nodes around the world . Domestic traffic , Baidu cloud acceleration will analyze attack features , And synchronize the features to China Telecom cloud dike , The strong near source suppression and cleaning ability of cloud dike is used to block the flow . It has the ability of Telecom to control domestic traffic , This is the most confident part of the success of the drill .

( For technical details of near source protection, see : The five major resistances in China DDoS service

Maggie talks about the security ecosystem

Baidu's institutional setup is just open .

Baidu cloud security and Baidu cloud are two independent departments , Baidu cloud is also a customer of Baidu cloud security , Baidu cloud gets the same open interface as all cloud security partners , A more balanced ecology should be better for everyone . Baidu's resistance D or CDN And other capabilities are opening up interfaces to partners , The goal is to create a more balanced ecosystem , A flourishing Ecology . If you do it all by yourself , Human and capital investment will be very large , It's just for your own use , Too wasteful . therefore , It's better to open up some functions , Let's develop and utilize .

Safety bull review

Baidu cloud security partners mentioned at the press conference , Hope that through the cooperation with Baidu , Better to provide services to users all over the world . This hope is based on the opening of the development interface of related services , And protect the growth of start-ups , And provide “ Conscience price ” Cloud acceleration is above the price of .

What is the real Ecology ? It's not the Ali ecosystem 、 It's not the Tencent ecosystem 、 Baidu ecosystem or 360 ecosystem , It's China's Internet Ecosystem , China's science and technology ecosystem , Encourage innovation 、 Get rid of following the trend , Support small businesses , No monopoly .

This is the real ecosystem .

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