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In the last week , There are a lot of cloud security activities . Niu Jun successively participated in the mountain stone cloud of mountain stone net · Grid virtual firewall release 、 Baidu cloud acceleration 3.0 Release and Tencent cloud security expert Media Forum , On the way to write this article , Niu Jun is going to yunsuo “ Cloud security fun enjoy ” On the way to Salon .

At the Tencent Cloud Security Forum last Friday afternoon , The keynote speaker is Zhou Bin, director of Tencent cloud security . Zhou Bin is a veteran of Tencent , I've been fighting in Tencent for ten years . According to the host , He is also one of the most popular lecturers in Tencent college . Through his introduction , Plus Niu Jun's understanding , Summarize the following characteristics and advantages of Tencent cloud :

One 、 The development history of Tencent is the history of security

As the world's largest instant messaging software platform , The development of Tencent has always been accompanied by the confrontation with the black industry . Because of the long-term confrontation , Accumulated massive black production data , Rich safety technology and experience .


Two 、 Tried and tested DDoS protective

Talk about resistance D, I have to talk about Baidu 3.0 The scene at the press conference DDoS Attack and defense drill , At that time, the traffic peak reached a terrifying 1040G. Zhou Bin said that Tencent cloud security's anti D The ability is also very strong , Its website security system Dayu , There are 400 Nodes , A total of 4T Bandwidth reserve of . And these nodes have the ability to expand horizontally , If you add one or two hundred nodes , Namely 5T、6T.

Only in the first half of this year , Dayu protected the flow from exceeding 100G The attack of 33 Time .2015 year 7 month , One of the biggest attacks , Up to 297G. The load of a single node is only a single digit attack , In this way , Even if the traffic is doubled a few times, it's no big problem .


Not long ago, at the hammer mobile launch , Live broadcast of hammer's official website suffered from NTP Reflection attack , The maximum attack traffic exceeds 10G, Create a speech in the cloud PPT Unable to open , We had to make it on the spot . After Tencent cloud security intervention , It took just 13 Minutes to resume the normal live broadcast of the website .

3、 ... and 、 Accurate identification “ Plucking wool ”

There is a great demand for this kind of business security capability in the market . Malicious brush list 、 Junk news 、 Buying second kill and other acts commonly known as “ Plucking wool ”, This is a big headache for many companies doing online discount activities . Tencent cloud security Tianyu system , It can be used as a brush proof sheet 、 Anti malicious registration 、 Prevent malicious login 、 Verification Code 、 Message filtering 、 Keyword detection and file detection 7 Big function .

data display , In Jumei superior products 8 month 25~26 Day of promotion , Tianyu identifies hundreds of thousands of malicious accounts in real time , The accuracy is up to 90%. and 58 Instant messaging in the city 58 Help connect to Tencent cloud sky Royal , from 2015 year 4 Month to 8 During the month , The proportion of malicious information from 33% Straight down to 6%, The effect is very significant . at present , JD.COM 、 Public comment 、7 Tian Hotel and others are using Tencent yuntianyu system .

Zhou Bin, Tencent cloud security director

Cloud security is undoubtedly a big demand , This year alone, there have been several cloud security related investment acquisitions . More influential , Foreign Cloud Security Solutions Companies Zscaler Announced financing last month 1 Billion dollars , Cisco 6.3 $billion cash acquisition OpenDNS, Microsoft plan 3 US $100 million acquisition Adallom, In China, Ali acquired hanhaiyuan 、 Baidu acquires anananbao ……

Security services around the cloud require all kinds of introduction and cooperation , Zhou Bin said , Tencent cloud security's main partner at present is security dog , We may also cooperate with different vulnerability scanning vendors in the future , And some professional manufacturers of industry solutions , Build a secure cloud ecosystem together .

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