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I've been drawing with , Great online drawing tool , I recommend it to you .

>> How to start

Type in the browser address bar Or just type in You can open .


You can create a new Diagram , You can also open existing Diagram Like any desktop graphics software you've ever used , It's just that it runs in the browser . It's open source ,github The address is here : Interested friends can follow perhaps star .

>> Main interface introduction

I cut a simple picture :


The interface layout is classic .

Top down , And then the menu bar 、 Toolbars .

On the left is the shape area , There are conventions in it 、Misc、UML、 flow chart 、 The Internet 、Office And so on , The shapes are incredible , Basically, it can meet the daily drawing application .

In the middle is the drawing area , You select a shape in the shape area on the left , Drag and drop to the middle , You can make a shape .

When a shape is selected , The property panel on the right will be associated with this shape , You can modify various properties of the selected shape . Line thickness 、 Color 、 Line end shape 、 text color 、 typeface ……

At the bottom is the tab bar , You built a Diagram , It can be divided into multiple pages . and Visio similar .

Every Diagram Can be saved as xml file , When you have unsaved changes , You will be prompted on the right side of the menu bar .

>> Various charts Support the drawing of various charts , Like the flow chart 、 Sequence diagram 、 Class diagram 、 Network topology, etc , At the same time, there are plenty of shapes for you to use , I am fully competent in daily drawing work .

Here is UML An example of a sequence diagram for :


I've used it to draw a lot of pictures before , such as “ Every year, 10 Decomposition of the ten thousand passive income target | Advance ” The brainstorming diagram in this article :


such as “ The core competitiveness of programmers ” The working process diagram of the programmer quoted in :


>> download 

No need to …… It's online , Open it directly in a browser that will do .

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