Inspectors It means inspector .Inspectors There are many ways , View the request message and response message of the request .

Inspectors The tab is divided into two parts , The information about the request is displayed on the top , The information about the received response is displayed in the lower part .

The position of , As shown in the figure below :

1、 Request message content

Inspectors The request message section in the panel , Here's the picture :

Description of each label in the request message :

Serial number name meaning
1 Headers Display the... Sent by the client to the server HTTP Requested header, Display as a hierarchical view , Contains Web Client information 、Cookie、 Transmission status, etc .
2 TextView Show POST Requested body Part is text .
3 Syntaxview by Textview The enhanced , Look at the syntax highlighted request . With the number of lines , Right click menu , Comparison Textview More functions , Such as Json、XML format , Find, replace, etc .
4 WebForms Show requested GET Parameters and POST body Content . In particular , here body Should be application/x-www-form-urlen-coded Format .
5 HexView Display request with hex data .
6 Auth Show header Medium Proxy-Authorization and Authorization Information .
7 Cookies Requested cookies Information .
8 Raw Display the entire request as plain text .
9 JSON If requested body yes Json Format , It's using graded Json To show it .
10 XML If requested body yes XML Format , It's using graded XML Trees to show it .

2、 Response message content

Inspectors The response message part in the panel , Here's the picture :

Description of each label in response message :

Serial number name meaning
1 Transformer Display the encoded information of the response .
2 Headers Use the hierarchical view to display the header.
3 TextView Use text to display the corresponding body.
4 Syntaxview by Textview The enhanced , Look at the syntax highlighted request . With the number of lines , Right click menu , Comparison Textview More functions , Such as Json、XML format , Find, replace, etc .
5 ImageView If the request is a picture resource , Show a picture of the response . The gray area on the left shows the size of the image 、 Wide and high 、 File format and other information , Below you can also select zoom mode :Autoshrink( Automatic scaling )、Scale to fit( Zoom to fit the size of the display area )、No Scaling( No scaling ).
6 HexView Display the response in hexadecimal data .
7 WebView Response in Web Preview effect in browser .
8 Auth Show response header Medium Proxy-Authorization and Authorization Information .
9 Caching Show cache information for this request .
10 Cookies Show the... For this request cookies Information , Private P3P Header Information .
11 Raw Display the entire response as plain text .
12 JSON If requested body yes Json Format , It's using graded Json To show it .
13 XML If the response is body yes XML Format , It's using graded XML Trees to show it
14 Privacy Show the privacy of this request (P3P) Information .

Tips P3P It's a standard , send Internet Surfers can choose when browsing the web , Whether personal information is collected and used by a third party , The browser depends on the settings , Decide whether to accept the website's cookies.

3、 In the response message Transformer Option description

Transformer The option is to display the encoded information of the response , Here's the picture : Indicates that you can choose several compression methods to provide performance , In the figure, no compression method is selected by default .

After grabbing the request to visit Baidu , Found that the response header uses Transfer-Encoding:chunked, Yes, it is chunked( Block transmission ) The data length value is transmitted by .

interpretative statement :

  • At the top of the Yellow prompt written words :

    Response body is encoded.Click to decode.

    Express , This request is to improve performance , And do coding or compression ( for example GZIP), You need to convert to browse normally .

    Click on this area to perform conversion or decompression , If the request doesn't “ code / Compress ” You can't see the hint .
  • Response body: 19 bytes.

    In response to a message body yes 19 byte .
  • Chunked Transfer-Encoding Block transfer coding .

    Block transmission code is only in HTTP agreement 1.1 edition (HTTP/1.1) Provided in the . be used for http Blocking technology in the transport process , as a result of http The message length of the server response is often unpredictable , Use Content-length It doesn't always work .

    Block technology description :

    The response data is divided into many blocks , That is, the data of the application layer ,TCP In the process of transmission , Don't explain them in any way , Instead, the data generated by the application layer is understood as a binary stream , And then according to MSS Cut the length of into pieces , It's all over the place tcp In the protocol stack . And how to interpret these binary data , Application layer is needed to complete ;

    So before that , A piece of data in the whole application layer needs to be divided into all TCP segment Get to each other , After reassembling , Applications use their own decoding methods to restore them .
  • HTTP Compression: Displays the encoding used by the current request .
    • None: No compression .
    • GZIP:GZIP Compress .

      stay Linux Suffix is often used in the system .gz The file of , They are GZIP File format .
    • Use Zopfli to GZIP/DEFLATE

      Google A new open source project Zopfli. In short, it's a Deflate Another implementation of compression algorithm .

      It is reported that ,Zopfli The compression ratio is higher than that of the existing Zlib high 3%-8% The promotion of .

      DEFLATE Compression is used at the same time LZ77 Algorithms and Huffman coding (Huffman Coding) A lossless data compression algorithm .
    • BZIP2

      BZIP2 Compression is a process based on Burrows-Wheeler Transform lossless compression software , Compression is better than traditional LZ77/LZ78 Compression algorithm is better .
    • Brotli

      Brotli Compression replaces DEFLATE Compression to compress text files , You can usually add 20% The compression density of , And compression and decompression speed is roughly the same .
  • Help...

    Click on Help... You can see the following information in English :

    • To improve performance, response bodies may be compressed and/or delivered in chunks.
    • Before examining or modifying such responses, you may wish to decompress or unchunk them using the Transformer

      translate :

      To improve performance , The response body can be compressed and / Or block transmission .

      Before checking or modifying such responses , You may want to use Transformer Decompress them or transmit them without blocking .

summary : adopt Transformer We can compress and / Or transmit the response result to the target in blocks ( Such as the mobile terminal ), It can also be decompressed or no longer transmitted in blocks .

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