According to the questionnaire designed before , So far , Received altogether 64 Results of questionnaires . altogether 16 topic , From the basic information 、 Is it necessary to make a resume 、 There are four aspects of the design problem for the expected characteristics and suggestions of the product . The results of the questionnaire are analyzed one by one :

1、 Your gender

It can be seen that boys occupy 7 As above , Basically in line with the sex ratio of HKUST 7:1 Tradition .

2、 Your grade

As you can see from the diagram , More than 60% The proportion , Doctors and above have 13% The proportion of , The personnel composition of the summer soft work activity class is basically in line with .

3、 Your college

Xinyuan has occupied 6 More than ten percent of the population , Other colleges are evenly distributed .

4、 Have you ever been bothered by making your resume ?

5、 How long does it take you to make your resume ?

A survey on the difficulty of making resumes for users , near 8 Cheng's classmates have encountered difficulties in making their resumes , Only 36% Of the students can complete their resume in an hour , Most of them take half a day 、 A day or more .

6、 Do you want to provide a one click resume generation platform ?

7、 Do you want to have an English resume template ?

Investigate whether users subjectively want a resume production platform to help , near 8 Cheng's answer is in the affirmative , At the same time there is 8 Cheng's students hope to have the production function of English resume .

8、 Do you know something about the relevant resume platform ?

Insufficient research on competitive products , There are no settings in the problem settings “ Don't understand ” a , The results are unevenly distributed , Number of reference samples , Only a few students know that we research products , It can be inferred that other products are not well understood .

9、 If you use , Why do you choose this kind of website ?

Survey users if they use , Why use this kind of product , The answer is ambiguous , All kinds of reasons are equal , Some have no concept of format , Some are not satisfied with their resume , I feel like making a resume , Most people still have difficulty choosing layout .

10、 Do you want to have different styles of resume templates for your choice ?

11、 What style of resume template do you want ?

Find out if users want us to provide different styles of resume templates , And understand the style of resume template ,9 More than 20% of the students hope to have a resume template to provide a choice , nearly 9 Cheng's students still hope that the resume is simple .

12、 Would you like to provide a free space for photos on your resume ?

Finally, about resume format , Ask if you want to add photos to your resume ,8 The answer is yes . About this part , We should continue to make questionnaires in the future , Targeting companies HR, Hope that in HR Collect information in the middle , To learn more about .

13、 Do you want the resume generation website to provide enterprise recruitment information ?

14、 Do you want the resume generation website to have forum function ?

According to the original idea , After the production of resume , The platform can provide employment information and forum related functions , In this regard, a questionnaire is provided for users , Users who hold a positive attitude are basically 7 Become left or right , But considering the time of project development , Consider implementing the basic functions first , Later, the function will be iterated .

15、 Do you think such a website will be supported by the school ?

Whether the project will get the support of the school , Consult with your classmates , Most of the students think that the school will support our products .

16、 Open questions : If you have any ideas about website design ?

Filter out invalid answers , Useful information is :1. I hope the process is as simple as possible , Rich templates

  2. We should ensure the security of personal information

  3. Real-time Preview , What you see is what you get

    4. Provide more information about job hunting in previous years

 5. Provide some guidance articles on how to write your resume

    6. The suggestion is as simple as possible , Don't think about too many features , Just focus

  7. come on. ! A simple resume is better

  8. Intelligent identification , One click translation

    9. Don't be too troublesome , When using , The relevant functions are clear at a glance

  10. After generating the resume , Users can modify the relevant content by themselves , Or the user can choose the relevant content before the generation is established

  11. Photos can be added or not

  12. Can I have a scoring mechanism for my resume Or modify the proposal

    13. Can you tell me more about , What should I pay attention to when writing a resume

    14. Build Xiaobai tutorial , Quick guide to life and death , Online communication

  15. According to different levels of students Make a good resume

  16. Focus on different positions

          17. The simpler the interface and functions of the website, the better

18. Whether resume generation can provide preview function

19. Font and format are the most important

20. Simple and practical , It's too much , I don't really want to see it

Based on the questionnaire opinions received temporarily , You can see , Everyone's opinions mainly focus on the simplicity of the use process 、 Personalize your resume according to your major and other personal situations 、 Rich templates 、 Provide resume writing guidance, etc .

You can see , Users pay a lot of attention to the user experience , Based on the realization of the basic resume generation function , Consider how to optimize the user experience , It's something we have to think about . On the basis of resume generation , You also need to add personalization 、 Template selection 、 Generate preview 、 Resume writing guidance and other functions , As for employment information 、 Online communication 、 The function of one click translation can be further considered in later iteration .

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