1. MOAC brief introduction

MOAC(Multi-Org Access Control) Access control for multiple organizations , yes Oracle EBS R12 Important new features of . It can be implemented in a Responsibility Next to many OU(Operation Unit) To operate , Allow users to switch without switching Responsibility Under the circumstances , Processing multiple OU Organized things .

UseràResponsibilityàSingle Operation Mode/Multiple Operation Unit Mode

2.    MOAC

         2.1、 Related configuration files

1) MO:Security Profile(MO: Security profile )

Define business groups

Submit a security request

2) MO:Default Operation Unit(MO: Default business entity )

3) MO:Operation Unit(MO: The business entity )

    2.2、 Logic control  

1) If MO:Security Profile No settings ,MO:Operation Unit Is greater than MO:Default Operation Unit, Default MO:Operation Unit Set up OU

2) If set MO:Security Profile, And the current Responsibility Only a single OU, Will default directly to the OU, Ignore MO:Default Operation Unit

3) If set MO:Security Profile, And the current Responsibility Access to multiple OU, First, check the MO:Default Operation Unit Whether the set value is in MO:Security Profile in , If exist , By default MO:Default Operation Unit Value , Otherwise it's empty .

4) A configuration file is divided into different locations 、 Application products 、 responsibility 、 User level , The default level is : user > responsibility > application > place .

     2.3、 View available MOAC modular

MOAC Application support is required to enable , So when it's on MOAC Before , We need to be clear about what should be done Support with programs MOAC characteristic .

SELECT fmp.application_short_name FROM fnd_mo_product_init fmp WHERE fmp.status='Y' ;

You can also change the application registration MOAC Support , Or cancel MOAC Support

register :fnd_mo_product_init_pkg.register_application

Cancel :fnd_mo_product_init_pkg.remove_application

3.    VPD

MOAC It's through Oracle Database VPD(Virtual Private Database) Technology to achieve ,VPD Technology provides database objects ( surface 、 A synonym for 、 View )

Row level access control , Use VPD Technology can effectively limit the scope of data users get .

         3.1 VPD Working methods

After associating one or more security policies with a table or view , Can be realized VPD. When accessing a table with security policy directly or indirectly , The database will call a function that implements the policy , The policy function returns an access condition (WHERE Words and expressions ), The application attaches it to the user's SQL sentence , So as to dynamically modify the data access rights of users .

for example : Implementation requirements only allow a user to query the data of the management staff table , be VPD The query statement is automatically SELECT * FROM fnd_user Add query criteria

SELECT * FROM fnd_user where user_name = ‘HAND_CW’, among ‘where user_name=’HAND_CW’ by VPD The string returned by the security policy function .

       3.2 VPD Content

1) policy_function

The strategy function acts on the object ( surface 、 View 、 A synonym for ) On , Returns a specific predicate based on the application context , That is, automatically in the query table 、 In view , Plus the returned where Conditions . You can use dbms_rls.add_policy Bind an object to a policy function .

see R12 MOAC The policy function used

SELECT DISTINCT  dp.policy_name,

dp.package || '.' || dp.function,


FROM dba_policies dp

WHERE dp.policy_name = 'ORG_SEC';


The string created and returned by the policy function is very dynamic , To ensure the results , Improve performance ,R12 There are several types of strategies :


Set the policy type of the policy function :

Dbms_rls.add_policy(policy_type => dbms_fls.shared_context_sensitive);

     3.3 Creating custom tables VPD shielding


For synonyms CUX_FREIGHT_INFO_HEADERS add to VPD shielding


dbms_rls.add_policy(object_schema   => 'CUX', -- Data sheet ( Or view ) Where Schema name

object_name     => 'CUX_FREIGHT_INFO_HEADERS ', -- Data sheet ( Or view ) The name of

policy_name     => 'ORG_SEC ', --POLICY The name of , Mainly used in the future for Policy Management of

function_schema => 'CUX', -- return Where The function of clause Schema name

policy_function => 'MO_GLOBAL.ORG_SECURITY', -- return Where The function name of clause

policy_type     => dbms_rls.shared_context_sensitive);


Create the VPD After shielding ,select * from CUX_FREIGHT_INFO_HEADERS No result set returned ,

select * from CUX_FREIGHT_INFO_HEADERS_ALL All result sets of the table can be returned

       3.4 Delete VPD


dbms_rls.drop_policy(object_name => 'CUX_FREIGHT_INFO_HEADERS',

policy_name => 'ORG_SEC');


        3.5 see VPD


FROM user_policies t

WHERE 1 = 1


4.    Support MOAC Of FORM Development

stay R12 In the version ,OU I'm in control of procurement MOAC The way , It's the user's operation that's improved , If it's customized form Able to support MOAC The function of , You need to provide the current user's choice on the interface OU Fields for users to choose .

         4.1 Definition FORM Parameters


         4.2 PRE_FORM

mo_global.init('CUX'); -- Set up according to the application form For single OU Or more OU Pattern

mo_utils.get_default_ou(l_default_org_id, l_default_ou_name, l_ou_count);  -- Get the default OU




IF nvl(l_ou_count, 0) <= 0 THEN-- Judge if you find OU, If not found , False report

fnd_message.debug(' error 001: No corresponding OU, Please contact the system administrator or developer !');

RAISE form_trigger_failure;


IF l_default_org_id IS NOT NULL THEN

mo_global.set_policy_context('S', l_default_org_id);



With OU Of BLOCK Of when-create_record Add the following code to :

l_org_id_name     := name_in('System.Trigger_Block') || '.ORG_ID';

l_block_item_name := name_in('System.Trigger_Block') || '.OU_NAME';

IF :parameter.mo_default_org_id IS NOT NULL

AND name_in(l_org_id_name) IS NULL THEN


name_in('System.Trigger_Block') || '.ORG_ID');


name_in('System.Trigger_Block') || '.OU_NAME');











remarks :mo_utils.get_default_ou(l_default_org_id, l_default_ou_name, l_ou_count);

The function code is as follows :

      PROCEDURE get_default_ou(p_default_org_id  OUT NOCOPY NUMBER,

p_default_ou_name OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2,

p_ou_count        OUT NOCOPY NUMBER) IS

l_prof_org_id     hr_operating_units.organization_id%TYPE;

l_default_org_id  hr_operating_units.organization_id%TYPE;

l_default_ou_name hr_operating_units.name%TYPE;


p_ou_count := mo_global.get_ou_count;

IF (get_multi_org_flag <> 'Y' OR p_ou_count = 0) THEN



IF (p_ou_count = 1) THEN


SELECT mg.organization_id,


INTO l_default_org_id,


FROM mo_glob_org_access_tmp mg;



l_default_org_id  := NULL;

l_default_ou_name := NULL;



l_prof_org_id := fnd_profile.value('DEFAULT_ORG_ID');

IF (mo_global.check_access(l_prof_org_id) = 'Y') THEN

l_default_org_id  := l_prof_org_id;

l_default_ou_name := mo_global.get_ou_name(l_default_org_id);


l_default_org_id  := NULL;

l_default_ou_name := NULL;



p_default_org_id  := l_default_org_id;

p_default_ou_name := l_default_ou_name;






END get_default_ou;



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