label Corresponding to English explain
<!--> / notes
<!DOCTYPE> document type The document type
<a> anchor Hyperlinks
<abbr> abbreviation Abbreviations
<acronym> acronym Abbreviations
<address> address Contact information
<applet> applet /
<area> area Define the region in the image map
<article> article article
<aside> aside sidenote
<audio> audio Audio
<b> bold In bold
<base> base Specify the default ( The benchmark ) Address or default ( The benchmark ) The goal is
<basefont> base font Specify the default ( The benchmark ) typeface
<bdi> BiDi-Isolate Bidirectional isolation of text direction
<bdo> BiDirectional Override Bidirectional overlay text direction
<big> big Large text
<blockquote> block quote Block references
<body> body Document body
<br> break Line break
<button> button Button
<canvas> canvas canvas
<caption> caption Table title
<center> center Center text
<cite> cite quote
<code> code Code text
<col> column Table columns
<colgroup> column group Table column group
<command> command command
<datalist> data list Data list
<dd> Definition Description Definition description
<del> delete Delete
<details> details Describe the details of a document or part of a document
<dfn> definition Definition
<dialog> dialog Dialog box
<dir> direction Direction
<div> division part
<dl> Definition List Definition list
<dt> Definition Term Define items
<em> emphasize emphasize
<embed> embed The embedded
<fieldset> field set Form field set
<figcaption> figure caption figure The title of the
<figure> figure Stream content ( picture 、 Charts, etc. )
<font> font typeface
<footer> footer Bottom
<form> form Forms
<frame> frame frame
<frameset> frame set Frame set
<h1-h6> headline title
<head> head Head tag
<header> header Head
<hr> Horizontal Rule Level
<html> html html
<i> italic Italics
<iframe> inline frame Inline framework
<img> image picture
<input> input Input
<ins> insert Insert
<kbd> keyboard Keyboard text
<keygen> keygen The key pair generator field of the form
<label> label mark
<legend> legend explain
<li> List Item List item
<link> link link
<map> map Image mapping
<mark> mark Marker text
<menu> menu Menu list
<meta> meta Meta information
<meter> meter Weights and measures
<nav> navigation Navigation
<noframes> no frames Alternative content for users who do not support frameworks
<noscript> no script Alternative content for users who do not support client script
<object> object Embedded objects
<ol> Ordered List Ordered list
<optgroup> options group Option group
<option> option Options
<output> output Output
<p> paragraph The paragraph
<param> parameter Parameters
<pre> preformatted  Preformatted text
<progress> progress speed of progress
<q> quote quote
<rp> ruby parenthesis I won't support it ruby The content of the element
<rt> ruby text ruby Text
<ruby> ruby Sidenote marks ( Phonetic notation )
<s> strike Delete line text
<samp> sample Sample text
<script> script Script
<section> section part
<select> select The drop-down list
<small> small Small text
<source> source Media resources
<span> span Used to combine inline elements in a document
<strike> strike Delete line text
<strong> strong Emphasis text
<style> style style
<sub> subscript Subscript
<summary> summary details The title of the element
<sup> superscript Superscript
<table> table form
<tbody> table body Form body
<td> table data Table data cells
<textarea> textarea The text box
<tfoot> table footer At the bottom of the table
<th> table headline Table title
<thead> table head Form header label
<time> time Time
<title> title title
<tr> table row Table row
<track> track Text tracks in media players
<tt> typewrite text Typewriter text
<u> underline Underline
<ul> Unordered List Unordered list
<var> variable Variable
<video> video video
<wbr> Word BReak Word wrap

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