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About Lind.DDD.Manager The training and learning of students

Explain : Zhang Zhanling

flower : Warehouse uncle

Main framework :Lind.DDD,Lind.DDD.Manager

About Lind.DDD.Manager

Because of the data model , Database initialization (Code.First Automatically upgrade the database or migrate the database version ) controller ,View View ,css,js And so on Standard back office management system frame , It can be directly applied to any system , Yes, it will be published to Nuget On , It's more convenient to install and update in the future .

How to install... For your project Lind.DDD.Manager

Lind stay nuget I already have my own version on the Internet , Users on their own projects directly from nuget Just install it online , It will put the corresponding view,content,script,dll Install it in your corresponding project , You don't have to worry about its upgrade , Because it's all about nuget To control !

About the big filters , Instead of configuring cumbersome and outdated HttpModule

Lind.DDD.Authorization.Mvc.AuthorizationLoginFilter: Authorization for users after login

Lind.DDD.Filters.ActionAuthorityAttribute: Specify Action Add the identification of operation permission

Lind.DDD.Filters.ActionLoggerAttribute: Specify Action Record the operation log

Lind.DDD.Filters.ActionTrackAttribute: Yes action Tracking of execution time

Lind.DDD.Filters.ExceptionErrorLoggerAttribute: Yes action In the process of execution , Abnormal capture

Lind.DDD.Manager.Filters.ManagerUrlAttribute: Specify Url And system Url Contrast , Used to control menu permissions

Lind.DDD.Manager.Filters.ManagerActionLoggerAttribute: Background operation logging , It is inherited from ActionLoggerAttribute class , It mainly implements the background log persistence mechanism

About controllers and modules

Background module design , Each module is required to belong to a controller( controller ), It's a better way to control every action Right to act .

About characters - menu - Design of operation authority

About Action Add the permission attribute identifier in the

Enumeration of behavior types

For each Action Apply your own behavioral characteristics

About Action Add the operation log feature ID in

Due to the fact that there are many persistence ways for the business system to record logs , So we separate the logic of logging from the logic of persistence , Get put in Lind.DDD in , And the logic of persistence is in the specific project , Such as Lind.DDD.Manager project , It has its own operation log filter , It's in the project Action The way to apply it ManagerActionLoggerAttribute that will do , The code is as follows

stay Action The application code is as follows

About dataset permissions

Control some fields of the relevant data table of the business platform , According to different roles , Return different data sets for the business platform , And for business platforms , They will be a condition for filtering the table !

The design of the model

First add the type of the dataset , It is used to select all the data to be filtered from the business platform

Then add the corresponding value , Select the corresponding type , Target data that can be filtered out

The business platform can use its own user number userid, Table name type And field names field To get the data , The framework provides /WebDataSetting/GetDataSet Method , Returns a string of target values , Each value is separated by a comma .

About the security design of menu authority

stay Lind.DDD.Manager in , Menu permissions are assigned to each role , And after the user logs in , It will display the corresponding menu list according to its role , This is usually shown in the navigation menu on the left , And if the user enters the menu directly in the address bar URL When doing an interview , We also have a corresponding ManagerUrlAttribute Control it , The main logic is to use the menu in the database to compare with the menu owned by the current role , If this permission exists , Only the page corresponding to the menu can be accessed .

Thank you for Lind.DDD The focus of the framework , Let's make the framework better together !

Thank you !

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