Hive Management of ( Two )

Hive Management of ( Two )

Web Interface mode

  • Port number 9999
  • Starting mode :hive --service hwi
  • Access... Through a browser :http://<IP Address >:9999/hwi/

web Manager compilation and configuration

For the first time to perform hive --service hwi There may be a mistake

ls:cannot access /*.war:No such file or directory

Usually a web The program is a war package , And in the present hive0.13 This is not included in the version web Management tools , So we're going to compile

from apache You can put it on the website apache-hive-0.13.0-src.tar.gz Download the source code

After downloading , Unzip this file

tar -zxvf apache-hive-0.13.0-src.tar.gz

Go to the source code folder ,ls Take a look. There's a hwi The catalog of , Go to this directory , I found that there was a web Catalog , Package all the files in this directory into one war package

cd apache-hive-0.13.0-src
cd hwi/
jar cvfM0 hive-hwi-0.13.0.war -C web/ .

hold war After the package is successfully packed , take war Package copy to hive Of lib Under the table of contents

cp hive-hwi-0.13.0.war ~/training/apache-hive-0.13.0-bin/lib/

After copying the past , It needs to be changed hive The configuration file

cd ~/training/apache-hive-0.13.0-bin/conf/
vi hive-site.xml

Go to the official website to see the relevant configuration parameters , Then add it to the configuration file

<value>lib/hive-hwi-0.13.0.war</value> </property>

After saving and exiting , use hive --service hwi Restart

INFO hwi.HWIServer: HWI is starting up

web Management tool started successfully

Now open the browser , Get into web Management interface

http://<IP Address >:9999/hwi/

There will be mistakes at this time HTTP ERROR 500

This mistake is because we need to put jdk Inside jar Package copy to hive Go to , Only in this way can we successfully visit web Manager

cp ~/training/jdk1.7.0_75/lib/tools.jar ~/training/apache-hive-0.13.0-bin/lib/

web Manager query operations

And then restart web Manager hive --service hwi

Refresh the page ,

Here we can query ( Be careful : stay web Under the manager, we can only query )

  • Browse Schema View the existing database
  • Create Session Create a session, Click on submit Submit and then perform a query operation

    Create a query ,silent mode silent mode on,start query Execute the query yes, Then click Submit

    appear Session is in QUERY_RUNNING state. Changes are not possible! The query cannot be changed in the execution state , This time you can click View File To see the results

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