The following table summarizes the text styles in typeface Some of the settings for :

Property name explain CSS edition
font-size Set the font size 1
font-variant Set whether the English font is converted to small uppercase 1
font-style Set whether the font is slanted 1
font-weight Set whether the font is bold 1
font-family Set up font typeface 1
font Set font style compound writing 1 ~ 2
@font-face Set up Web typeface 3

The attribute names in the table all have one feature , That is to say, it's all based on font start , Explain that these attributes are for Fonts , Here's how to use .


p {
font-size: 50px;

explain : This property is used to set the font size , In addition to using custom sizes , There are also some preset values , The values in the table below are available for reference .

value explain
xx-small Set font size . Each value is fixed from small to large .
The specific value is actually defined by the browser , There may be differences between browsers , So it's less used .
smaller Set the font size relative to the parent element font
Numbers +px

Use CSS Pixel length sets the font size

It's not limited to px, Other units of measure can also be used

Numbers +% Use the percentage size of the font relative to the parent element

Right here smaller and larger To illustrate , First , These two values are going to take effect , After setting the font size of its parent element , Using the parent element as a reference , Get the relative size .

// Set the font size of the parent element first 
body {
font-size: 50px;
// Set it a little bit smaller
p {
font-size: smaller;

And it's relatively small , These are also defined by browsers .


It's clear in the form , This property is only valid for English letters , The following values are available .

value explain
normal If it is in small capital , Put it back in lowercase
small-caps Let lower case letters appear in smaller upper case letters

Let's start with small-caps, In fact, it is to convert all lowercase letters into uppercase letters , So called small capitals , That is, capitalization does not change the size of the font , Does not affect the original size of letters . The specific effect is as follows :


When not set :

After setting :

span {
font-variant: small-caps;

See here , I think you should know what it means Small capital letter 了 .

Go on normal This value , The application scenario of this value is that the parent element has been set first small-caps This is worth , But its child elements I don't want to use small-caps The effect of this value is shown , You can use normal The default effect is restored .

// Let the parent set small capitalization first 
body {
font-variant: small-caps;
} // Let the child element settings revert to lowercase
span {
font-variant: normal;


This property sets whether the font is tilted , You can choose from the following values .

value explain
normal Let the tilt state return to normal
italic It means to use italics
oblique Let the text slant . The difference is used when there is no italics
p {
font-style: italic;

explain :normal Same as above , No more . Here under oblique, This value is usually used when the font file is not italicized , Most Chinese fonts installed by users are italicized , It may be used in other languages , But not much .


Set whether the font is bold or thin , You can choose from the following values :

value explain
normal Let bold font return to normal
bold Let bold font return to normal
bolder Thicker Fonts
lighter Light and Thin Fonts
100 ~ 900 Number between 600 And then it's bold , Not bold before

p {
font-weight: bold;

explain : Use lighter, It will make the font thinner than normal , however bold and bolder The effect is the same , Browsers don't show the difference .


Set the name of the font to use , Of course, this font should be installed by the user , Otherwise it doesn't work .

p {
font-family: Microsoft YaHei ; /* Declare only one font , If the user does not install , It doesn't work */
} p {
font-family: Regular script , Microsoft YaHei , Song style ; /* Use Alternate Fonts , We'll look for , Which one to look for, which one to use */


You can use an attribute , Set all the above effects , The valid values are the same .

p {
font: 50px Regular script ;

explain : The format is like this :[ Is it inclined | Is it bold | Whether to convert to small capitalization ] font size Font name ;[] For optional ,| Represents used to separate options , It's not about | Write in .


In order to prevent your own fonts from being installed on the client , The difference between the actual effect and the design , The corresponding font can be provided on the server .

@font-face {
font-family: abc; /* Alias the provided font for easy reference */
src: url('BrushScriptStd.otf'); /* The path of the font file on the server */
} p {
font-size: 50px;
font-family: abc; /* Use aliases when referencing */

Actually css It's easy to mix the font attribute and text style attribute in , Because they're all about words , Now I'll summarize what some font attributes can be set :

1. font size , specific

2. Weird case , There are also case settings in text styles , But the special effect of setting the case of a font is small capital letters

3. The words are bold , specific

4. The text is slanted , specific

5. Font control , specific

In fact, to sum up , The only place where font attributes and text style attributes really overlap is case , But because the behavior of font level case is very strange , Not in line with our normal expectations , So it's a good distinction .

And the effect of sensation , Text attributes are mainly used to set some very basic things , The text style attribute is used for various effect level display .

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