jetty 9 Use

download jdk 7  Download the jdk

jetty 9 rely on jdk7 , Newly released jdk7u51 jetty9.1.1 I won't support it

download jetty 9

Open the web page

choice jetty9-stable


function jetty

Unzip to   D:/jetty-9.1.1

cd D:/jetty-9.1.1

java –jar start.jar

Use browser access   http://localhost:8080

return 404 error

see   d:/jetty-9.1.1/webapps/  The directory is empty

take d:/jetty-91.1/demo-base/webapps/  In the catalog   ROOT Catalog copy To D:/jetty-9.1.1/webapps

You can see ROOT Hot deployment

Revisit   http://localhost:8080

You can see jetty Welcome page of

see jetty To configure

D:\jetty-9.1.1>java -jar start.jar --list-config

Show them in turn java Environmental Science jetty Environmental Science ,jvm Parameters , System attribute ,classpath, Server profile

modify jetty port

D:\jetty-9.1.1\start.d\http.ini file


## HTTP Connector Configuration



modify    jetty.port=18080