format character explain Return value example
Japan --- ---
d The day of the month , With leading zeros 2 Digit number 01 To 31
j The day of the month , No leading zeros 1 To 31
S The English suffix after the number of days of each month ,2 Characters st,nd,rd perhaps th. You can talk to j Together with
z The day of the year 0 To 366
week --- ---
l(“L” Lowercase letters of ) What day , Full text format Sunday To Saturday
D Day of the week , The text means ,3 Letters Mon To Sun
N ISO-8601 The day of the week represented by the format number (PHP 5.1.0 New addition ) 1( For Monday ) To 7( Sunday )
w Day of the week , Digital representation 0( Sunday ) To 6( For Saturday )
W ISO-8601 The week in the format year , Every week starts on Monday (PHP 4.1.0 Newly added ) for example :42( The first day of that year 42 Zhou )
month --- ---
F month , Full text format , for example January perhaps March January To December
m The number of months , There are leading zeros 01 To 12
M Three letter abbreviations for the month Jan To Dec
n The number of months , No leading zeros 1 To 12
t The number of days a given month should have 28 To 31
year --- ---
L Leap year or not If it's a leap year, it's 1, Otherwise 0
o ISO-8601 Format year number . This sum Y The value of is the same , Except if ISO Number of weeks (W) Belong to the previous year or the next year , That year .(PHP 5.1.0 New addition ) Examples: 1999 or 2003
Y 4 The year represented in full by digits for example :1999 or 2003
y 2 The year in digits for example :99 or 03
Time --- ---
a Lower case morning and afternoon values am or pm
A Morning and afternoon in capitals AM or PM
B Swatch Internet Standard time 000 To 999
g Hours ,12 Hour format , No leading zeros 1 To 12
G Hours ,24 Hour format , No leading zeros 0 To 23
h Hours ,12 Hour format , There are leading zeros 01 To 12
H Hours ,24 Hour format , There are leading zeros 00 To 23
i Minutes with leading zeros 00 To 59>
s Number of seconds , There are leading zeros 00 To 59>
The time zone --- ---
e Time zone identification (PHP 5.1.0 New addition ) for example :UTC,GMT,Atlantic/Azores
I Is it daylight saving time If it's summer time, it's 1, Otherwise 0
O The number of hours from Greenwich mean time for example :+0200
P And Greenwich mean time (GMT) The difference between , There is a colon between hours and minutes (PHP 5.1.3 New addition ) for example :+02:00
T The time zone of this machine for example :EST,MDT(【 translator's note 】 stay Windows Next is the full text format , for example “Eastern Standard Time”, The Chinese version will show “ China standard time ”).
Z The number of seconds of the TDOA offset .UTC The time zone offset to the west is always negative ,UTC The time zone offset to the East is always positive . -43200 To 43200
The full date / Time --- ---
c ISO 8601 Format date (PHP 5 New addition ) 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00
r RFC 822 Format date for example :Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:01:07 +0200
U from Unix An era (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT) The number of seconds since the beginning Timestamp See  time()

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