JSTL Tag library :

JSTL: JSP Standard Tag Library

effect : and 【EL coordination 】 Use , It allows users to 【 Use... As little as possible java Source code 】.

1, Import jar package

Import ( Copy and paste... Into the project lib Catalog )jstl Of jar package . jstl.jar  standard.jar

2, hold JSTL Import tag library into jsp On the page

Use jsp Medium taglib Instructions , Bring the tag library into :

<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>

Be careful : Prefix to avoid duplicate tags written by others .

prefix="c" It's equivalent to giving this tag library an alias , In the future, it will be used to c Use the tag in the tag library with the tag at the beginning . This alias can also be called other names .

<c:forEach> label

Loop traversal operation ,【 The highest usage rate 】.

Use <c:forEach> label 【 Complete code 】 Traverse

<c:forEach var="stu" items="${list }" begin="0"  end="3" varStatus="status" step="1">

varStatus Represents the state of the loop , use status Express .

step It's skipping a few at a time , The default value is 1, One by one .

Items: Traversal object

Var: The name of the traversal result

General traversal just write var and items Just a property .

【 Traverse List aggregate 】:


<c:forEach items="${list }" var="stu">


<td>${stu.id }</td>

<td>${stu.name }</td>

<td>${stu.age }</td>




【 Traverse Map aggregate 】:

<c:forEach items="${map }" var="entry">

${entry.key }-->${entry.value.id }

${entry.value.name }   ${entry.value.age }<br>


<c:if> label :

<c:if test="${score>85 }">



This is equivalent to :




<c:choose> label

<c:when> label

<c:otherwise> label


<c:when test="${score>=90 }"> optimal </c:when>

<c:when test="${score>=80 }"> good </c:when>

<c:when test="${score>=70 }"> in </c:when>

<c:when test="${score>=60 }"> pass </c:when>

<c:otherwise> Bad </c:otherwise>


amount to :


}else if(score>=80){

}else if(score>=70){

}eles if(score>=60){



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