1、 Reasons for appearance

1、 The same type , Yes Two dimensions of change ( The abstraction of two dimensions : The abstraction of an abstract part , An abstraction of the implementation part )

2、 How to deal with this “ Multidimensional change ”? How to use object-oriented technology to make the same type easily change in two directions , Without introducing extra complexity ?

2、 Specific examples

Database operation

Operation type : Additions and deletions   ( The realization of specific functions )

Action object : Customer , Order , product …( Corresponding to the above addition, deletion, modification and query is  1 Relationship to many ( By aggregating relationships ))

Mobile software

software function : Mail list , game

Support the brand :M( Motorcycle mule pull ),N( Here is the chicken )

Computer software

software function : game , development tool , Drawing software …

Operation platform :Windows,Unix….

Overuse inheritance :

—— Take mobile software as an example :

By mobile phone brand :

Classified by mobile phone software :

Let's watch carefully , If you add a mobile phone software to the above ,, Then every mobile phone brand should add this mobile phone software , Everything has to change , Too high coupling 了 .

Use bridge mode to refactor the above :

3、 Intention :

take Abstract part And Achieve partial separation , So that they can all Change independently .

4、 chart :

5、 Code demonstration

 // Bridging mode : Changes in two dimensions ( One is abstraction , One is to realize ), also These two dimensions It's one to many ( abstract 1 For more than Realization )/ polymerization Relationship ; Bridge mode will Two dimensions ( Abstraction and Implementation ) Isolation . take Changes in two dimensions encapsulated , No matter one dimension Yes? change It doesn't affect the other dimension change .. therefore Coupling degree To reduce the quite a lot ( Compared with the previous Inheritance relationships )
// The first dimension ( Implementation part )
public interface IPhoneSoftware
void Start();
} // The second dimension ( Abstract part ) public abstract class PhoneBrand
private List<IPhoneSoftware> phoneSoftwares = new List<IPhoneSoftware>(); public void Instance(IPhoneSoftware software)
} public void StareAllSoftware()
if (phoneSoftwares.Count <= )
throw new Exception(" There's no executable Mobile Software !");
foreach (var item in phoneSoftwares)
} // The first dimension ( Implementation part : Implemented function )
public class KuGou : IPhoneSoftware
public void Start()
Console.WriteLine(" Cool dog music is on , You can enjoy the music !");
} public class QQ : IPhoneSoftware
public void Start()
Console.WriteLine(" QQ It's on , It's time to chat !");
} // The second dimension ( The abstract part of the concrete )
public class Samsung : PhoneBrand
{ } public class Iphone : PhoneBrand

Birdge Pattern

Client code :

 // Create abstraction 
PhoneBrand samsung = new Samsung();
// Create an implementation
IPhoneSoftware soft1 = new QQ();
IPhoneSoftware soft2 = new KuGou();
// Combine abstraction with implementation
samsung.Instance(soft2); samsung.StareAllSoftware();

6、 To achieve the point

1、Abstraction( Abstract part ): Define the interface of an abstract class ;; And maintain the direction of Implementor class ( Implementation part ) Of Object pointer .( Changes in the abstract part don't affect the implementation part , The change in the implementation part doesn't affect the abstract part , Because they are through   Aggregate relationship   Connected , Expansion is just for them The respective abstractions   Conduct Expand change )

2、Implementor: Definition Implement the interface of the class , The interface does not have to be with Abstraction The interface of is exactly the same . In fact, these two interfaces can be completely different .( Because it's right   The abstraction of each aspect ( yes Two different dimensions ), adopt   Aggregate relationship   Connect )

3、 generally speaking ,Implementor Interface Available only Basic operation Realize the specific functions of the part ), and Abstraction( It's right   Concrete realization Of   call ) Then we define operation based Higher level operations .

7、 effect

1、 take Interface ( abstract ) Separate from implementation : An interface can have several implementations ( Aggregate relationship ), An implementation can also serve several objects ( The specific functions of an implemented part   Can be done   Reuse ,, You can have multiple objects ( Abstract the following is concrete   Extended abstraction ) Inside for use ), Objects representing logic Sure Dynamically And Realization Functional Object combination .

2、 Improve scalability Logic and Implementation Both can pass Class level extension To expand .

3、 Logic and implementation are encapsulated in different objects , The effect of logic on the realization of quote yes Dynamic advance Yes . In practice, , You need to use different “ factory ” Create logic and implement , Then assemble .

8、 Applicability

1、 Don't want to In the business ( Abstract part ) And business software ( Implementation part ) There is a fixed... Between implementations Binding relationship . for example , Don't want to “ Put in storage ” Business process is too closely related to specific database access technology or database management system .

2、 hope Class abstraction and implementation part Sure expand , Then, it realizes the combination of different abstract interfaces and implementation parts .( The implementation part can be in different abstract parts   Can be reused )

Modify the implementation part For users No impact , namely The code doesn't need to be recompiled .( Because the user The operation is the implementation interface , Concrete The implementation part below the implementation interface already encapsulation up )

3、 Reuse implementation part . Because the implementation part is at a lower level , Therefore, it can be reused by multiple business modules . for example , Database access module can be used in a variety of business units .

9、 summary

1、Bridge Mode use “ Between objects Combine Relationship ” decoupling Abstraction and Implementation Inherent between binding Relationship , So that abstraction and implementation can Change along their own dimensions .

2、 The so-called abstraction and implementation change along their respective dimensions , namely “ Subclass ” they . After getting the subclasses , Can then Any combination of them .

3、Bridge Patterns are sometimes similar to multiple inheritance schemes , But multiple inheritance schemes tend to Against the principle of single responsibility ( namely A class has only one reason to change ), Poor reusability .Bridge Patterns are a better solution than multiple inheritance schemes .

4、Bridge Patterns are used in “ Two Very strong dimension of change ”( There are two directions that can be derived ), Sometimes even if there are two dimensions of change , But the dimension of change in one direction is not dramatic —— In other words, two changes It doesn't lead to crisscross Result , and You don't have to use Bridge Pattern Design pattern is an idea , It doesn't have to be hard ).

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