A full life is never finished
Life journey 2021-06-04 21:14:03

I walk slowly , Smell the fragrance of roses and roses , As if immersed in some light and beautiful dream . In the sea of flowers , I don't feel pressure and conflict .

Fragrance infuses magical fuel into the body , Soft and deep , This is beyond comparison with perfume . Gliding in the warm and fragrant air of early summer , Nature is comfortable following some intuition . The wind is blowing , There is a full texture in the air .

Close to nature , Approaching flowers and leaves , The body is completely free to relax , To reach the acme of pleasure . People on the other side of the flower sea , The rhythm of singing and dancing touches some subconscious nerves .

We know , A long river of life , Flowers bloom and leaves fall , In fact, we never see it all at once . therefore , It's a phenomenon of time moving between the past and the future .

therefore , It's easy to move on . If not necessary , Get rid of the high heels , Mainly comfortable clothes . Time is the real axis , We are in this time , To slow down , The role played is very small .

everyone , All kinds of characters live hidden in time , After every busy day , Or seeing flowers blooming on the road , And the warmth of coming home . Like a trickle , The green and tenacity that nurtures life change .

therefore , All life born in time , Finally, it also passed in time . We are in front of time , It is wise to be humble .

therefore , Man is not the master , Time is the master . Landscape is not scenery , Mountains and rivers are bigger than us . Time is the time when everything will never pass again , Seize the moment and don't let the years slip away , Don't let yourself down .

Love life , Love is the thickest root of life , For example, reading, listening to music, watching flowers bloom and leaves green , So as to create the strongest immunity of life .

We keep saying goodbye to people and things , Keep learning and renewing your knowledge , I know that life has a limit , There is no limit to knowledge , Life has its limits , Interesting . No matter when we leave the world , A full life , Always unfinished , Hang in the air .

You want fate to treat you well , You have to figure out how to treat life first . Everything is a mystery , Time is the real answer .

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