Common events :

1. Mouse events :onClick,onDblClick,onMouseDown,onMouseUp,onMouseOut,onMouseOver

·onClick: Occurs when a page element is clicked ,onDblClick: Occurs when you double-click a page element

·onMouseDown,onMouseMove,onMouseOut,onMouseOver,onMouseup: Mouse events , Press the left button to release 、 Move the mouse over the page element 、 Pointer out of element range 、 Move into the specified element range for the first time 、 Occurs when the left key is released .

2. Keyboard events :onKeyPress,onKeyDown,onKeyUp.

·onKeyDown,onKeyPress,onKeyUp When the user presses a key but does not release it 、 When you click the keyboard 、 Occurs when the keyboard is pressed and then released .

3. Form Events :onSubmit,onReset,onChange,onSelect

·onSubmit: Occurs when a user submits a form

·onChange: Occurs when the user changes the value in the page , For example, select an item in the drop-down list .

·onReset: Occurs when the form data is reset

·onSelect: Occurs when the user selects text from the text box .

4. Read event :

·OnAbort: The user stops the browser and continues to download the image

·onError: When the browser has an error loading a web page or image

·onLoad: Occurs when an image or page loads

·onResize: Occurs when the browser or frame window is resized

·onUnload: Occurs when the user leaves the page .

·onFocus: When an object gains focus through user interaction , Click on the text box

·onBlur: When the object is no longer the focus . For example, after clicking the text box, click outside the text box .

5. Other events :

·onAfterUpdate(IE4): When an element binding data on the page finishes updating the data source

·onBeforeUpdate(IE4): The data in the element changes , And about to lose focus , Before the data source is updated

·onBounce(IE4): When the contents of a marquee element extend beyond the marquee boundary

·onHelp: Occurs when the browser's help button is pressed

·onMove(NS4): Occurs when a browser window or frame moves

·onReadyStateChange(IE4): Occurs when the state of the specified element is changed

·onRowEnter,onRowExit(IE4): After the record pointer of the current binding data source is changed 、 When it's going to change

·onScroll(IE4): Occurs when the user drags the scroll bar

·onStart: Occurs when the content in the marquee element begins to loop

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