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Answer key : Reverse the topological dictionary order

using namespace std;
#define MAX 100010
int InDeg[MAX];
int n, m, Count;
int Ans[MAX];
vector<int> v[MAX];
void TopoSort()
priority_queue<int> PQ;
for(int i=n; i>=; i--) // Find out if the degree of penetration is 0 And put it in the priority queue
if(InDeg[i]==) PQ.push(i); while(!PQ.empty()) //BFS
int Tmp =;
Ans[Count++] = Tmp;
for(int i=; i<v[Tmp].size(); i++)
if(InDeg[v[Tmp][i]]==) PQ.push(v[Tmp][i]);
} int main()
int x, y,t;
scanf("%d%d",&n,&m); for(int i=;i<=n;i++)v[i].clear(),InDeg[i]=;
Count = ;
for(int i=; i<m; i++)
int min=;
long long an=;
for(int i=; i<Count; i++){

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