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What I learned today is stark Component's

action  And multi-layer effects

One : action ( Self customized function, multi selection function effect )

1: Study Have a clear point of view :


  2: The operation of the front end and the back end of the multi selection effect


2>1 From the front is & Splicing form

2 >2 Back end django Will automatically put the same key To make a list

Two : action Content assignment That is to ckeck binding id

   1: Front end content assignment


 2:django->statie Content writing front-end code

3、 ... and : Set the multiple choice function box action box

1: Front end code writing


 2 : design sketch

Here you need a dynamic rendering function

3:stites Set up action Content


Custom delete function ( Set the default function )

3>2: Set the default display function

3>3: Set display to front end content ( Dictionaries )

Display in the form of a dictionary to the front end




  Four :action Interact with front-end content


Received from the front end post After the request , Get the current function name , If the function name is not empty , Get the function name and get the current function through class reflection ,

Receive front end checked Content id  , Save as the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty ,queryset Filter to get the corresponding content , Then put the content into the function for further operation

2: Code mapping

3 : Executed function


 4: effect

5: Increase the effect of select all

5>1:jq part

 5>2 :

stark Register to use


  5、 ... and :  Multistage filtration

1: The order of multistage filtering

2: Set labels that need multiple filters

2>1  First set up the interface

2>2: Registration content

3: Ideas , It is divided into One-to-many query , Many-to-many queries , and chioce Inquire about

get data

Create a label


  Filter section

The final filtering result

Front end style :

design sketch :

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