Usually in multiplayer games , Every player has his own score , The highest score will be the best record of the game . This article , Learn how to record the highest score :( To simplify the code , In this paper, the method of file is adopted , Only local score is recorded , After understanding the principle , You can save scores in the cloud or in a database , It's possible to support more players ).

In the first Create a new constant in :

HIGH_SCORE_FILE = "../data/high_score.txt"

The directory structure is shown in the figure below :

then in , Define a load_data function , Load the contents of this file :

 def load_data(self):
# Highest score of loading history
file_path = path.join(self.dir, HIGH_SCORE_FILE)
if path.exists(file_path):
with open(file_path, "r") as f:
self.high_score = int(
self.high_score = 0

Pay attention to exception handling here ( Because files can be locked , Or not )

On initialization , Call this function , Load the highest score in history :

 def __init__(self):
self.screen = pg.display.set_mode(SIZE)
self.clock = pg.time.Clock()
self.running = True
self.playing = False
self.font_name = FONT_NAME
# The highest score
self.high_score = 0
self.score = 0
self.dir = path.dirname(__file__)
# Load the highest score in history

Start screen , Plus the highest score in history :

 def show_start_screen(self):
self.draw_text(TITLE, 48, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT * 0.4)
self.draw_text("Arrows to move, Space to jump", 22, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT * 0.55)
self.draw_text("Press a key to play", 20, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT * 0.7)
# Show the highest score
self.draw_text("High Score: " + str(self.high_score), 20, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, 15)

At the end of the game , If there's a new score record , Save to file :

 def show_go_screen(self):
self.draw_text("GAME OVER", 48, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT * 0.4)
self.draw_text("Score: " + str(self.score), 22, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT * 0.55)
self.draw_text("Press a key to play again", 20, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT * 0.7)
# If there's a new score , preserved
if self.score > self.high_score:
self.high_score = self.score
self.draw_text("New High Score: " + str(self.high_score), 28, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, 25)
with open(path.join(self.dir, HIGH_SCORE_FILE), "w") as f:
self.draw_text("High Score: " + str(self.high_score), 20, WHITE, WIDTH / 2, 15) pg.display.update()

github Source code address :

pygame-KidsCanCode series jumpy-part8- Record more related articles with the highest score in history

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