Classification of interview questions :

1、java Basic interview questions

Java In the foundation for io The reading of files in 、 Write ,util Medium list map set These should be clearly separated

And threads 、socket You need to know

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2、 Database interview questions

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3、Js、jsp Interview questions

Js The general question is ajax Principle Parameter passing , And regular expressions 、 I want to know about jquery

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Jsp Ask some grammar 、9 Big implicit objects Questions like these

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4、 Three frame interview questions

Struts Principle : It needs to be combined with mvc Pattern

Hibernate Principle 、hibernate Lazy loading

Spring Of ioc 、 Aspect oriented programming is similar to these problems

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5、 Design pattern interview questions ( senior )

Design pattern It's kind of advanced Don't need to know too much I have a general idea of 、 factory 、 Abstract factory 、 The proxy pattern 、 Adapter pattern

The singleton pattern must be understood And singleton mode Code Be sure to write it down A lot of written questions will come out

as follows :

public class Singleton {
private Singleton(){
private static Singleton instance = new Singleton();
public static Singleton getInstance(){
return instance;

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Java Arrange interview questions ( The content of the title is not original ) More articles about

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