stay cocos2d-x All visual objects in are inherited from Node( Like words (label)、 spirit (sprite)、 scene (scene)、 Layout (layer)). This is a pure virtual class . It's mainly responsible for determining where elements are displayed .

By the director (Director) Responsible for the scene (Scene) Handoff , Add different layouts to the scene (Layer), Here's one zOrder Value , There is only one in the same zOrder Medium Layer Ability to interact .

Scene and Layer It plays a basic role in object display , We are usually in Scene and Layer To deal with the layout of visual objects 、 Collision 、 The display of scores and other states .

Scene Is an abstract class , It is only used to place the object in the correct position in the scene according to the pixel coordinates of the object .

Layer Class itself has no special function . But it can be used to receive touch events and speed up input .

stay Node Several more important methods in need to be implemented in subclasses :

virtual bool init() override;

stay cococs2d-x in , Use init Method to initialize , In this way , You need to call the init Method , Then we can initialize the subclass , This method returns false Indicates initialization failed .cocos2d-x No interface drawing .

static Layer *create();

Used to create and initialize Node object . Use... In subclasses CREATE_FUNC This macro implements this method . This implements the subclass constructor and init Method call :

#define CREATE_FUNC(__TYPE__) \

static __TYPE__* create() \

{ \

__TYPE__ *pRet = new __TYPE__(); \

if (pRet && pRet->init()) \

{ \

pRet->autorelease(); \

return pRet; \

} \

else \

{ \

delete pRet; \

pRet = NULL; \

return NULL; \

} \


I learned cocos2d-x ( 3、 ... and ) Node: More about the ancestors of all visual objects

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