When we do mobile page, we often encounter numbers , And in the Safari These numbers will display the phone number by default in the browser , So we used the method of mending the hole to add <meta> label :

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">
The point of this tag is that numbers are not considered phone numbers , So it's all right O(∩_∩)O, But if it's a reservation call , So after adding this label , The order call becomes a number , You can't dial directly, so we came up with the idea of using thousands of digits to indicate numbers, so as to distinguish telephone numbers from numbers A thousand symbols

In the West , When it comes to big numbers , With every 3 The bits are separated by a space , The separating symbol is the English comma , Because in Chinese , The first 3 Is it “ thousand ”, therefore , This one in the numbers “ comma ” Also known as “ Thousand separator ”.

The reason why every 3 Bit to separate , It's about the reading in English , for instance : English 987,654,321 The pronunciation is : nine hundred and eighty-seven billion six hundred and fifty-four thousand three hundred and twenty-one.

The key numerical unit , Such as billion,thousand That's exactly where the thousandth separator is . It can be seen that this separation is complementary to Western numerical reading methods .

But for Chinese users , This style is an embarrassment . Our main unit of large value is “ ten thousand ” and “ Billion ”, If the segmentation is done according to this standard , It should be every 4 Bit to separate . therefore , When we first saw 3 When it comes to separating numbers , It must be strange that the way of separation is not in accordance with the routine .

 Is there a solution ;
Method 1 :

Method 1 : Using regular expressions

The grammar is as follows :

String(Number).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+$)/g, "$1,");

give an example :

String(123456789).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+$)/g, "$1,");
 Method 2 :

Method 2 : Use toLocaleString() Method

The grammar is as follows :


give an example :


The result is :123,456,789

For the Chinese scene ,toLocaleString('en-US') Medium 'en-US' Theoretically, it can be defaulted , That is, directly (123456789).toLocaleString() You can also get 123,456,789. But if your product may be used by overseas users , To be on the safe side , Keep it 'en-US'.

in addition , about IE edge Previous version ,Number.toLocaleString() Two decimal places will be added automatically , If it's not needed , You need to filter it out yourself .

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