/tmp Directory sharing allows anyone to share and read and write

/tmp *(rw,no_root_squash)

/home/test 192.168.1.*(rw) *(ro)

/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start


-a The parameters are usually in NFS server Upper use , It is used to show that it has been mounted on this machine nfs Directory client machine list

-e Display the specified NFS server On export Come out of the catalog

linux Custom Web Services

Small service programs, service programs that are not often used Integrated into the server manager inetd,xinetd

extended internet services daemon Extended internet service daemon

control internet Applications for services

socket_type Network socket type Streaming packets streamTCP dgramUDP seqpacket( Reliable ordered datagram )

Configure custom network services


#description:The vsftpd server serves vsftpd sessions

service vsftpd


disable = no

port = 21

socket_type = stream

protocol = tcp

user = root

server = /usr/sbin/vsftpd

type = unlisted

wait  = no


TCP Network programming

socket addree struct How to transfer memory data between kernel and application layer

TCP Socket server and client programming framework

socket(),bind(),listen(),accept(),connect(),close() Read and send data


Interception of signals sigpipe sigintsignal

Socket address structure address struct

Different address structures have different definitions

Programming sockets Basic data structure

Socket address structure definition

socket address struct

Programming sockets Specify socket address parameters

Different protocol family Different address structures

The address structure is usually in the form of sockaddr_

General socket data structure

struct sockadrr {

sa_family_t sa_family;

char sa_data[14]; /* Protocol cluster data */


The socket data structure actually used

Socket data structure

Network programming   Socket functions take this structure as an argument

int bind(int socketfd, /* Socket file descriptor */

const struct sockaddr *my_addr; /* Socket address structure */

socketlen_t addrlen; /* The length of the socket address structure */


typedef unsigned short ;

struct socketaddr_in { Ethernet socket address structure

u8 sin_len; /* structure struct sockaddr_in length*/

u8 sin_family; /* Address cluster AF_INET address_family*/

u16 sin_port; 16 Bit port number , Network byte order

struct in_addr sin_addr; //Ip Address 32biy 4Bytes;

char sin_zero[8];


There is one ip Address

struct in_addr sin_addr ip Address

struct in_addr {

u32 s_addr;


sin_len The unsigned character type , Representation structure struct sockaddr_in

unsigned char

struct in_addr

User layer and kernel layer exchange process

Pass in data to the kernel , From the kernel Read the data Accept(),recv()

TCP Network programming architecture

TCP Network programming architecture pattern   The server   client

Server mode create service program , Waiting for client users to connect , Received a connection request from the user , Process according to the user's request

The client mode connects according to the address and port of the server

Send to the server and process the response of the server

Server side programming pattern

Tcp Server mode programming flow of end-to-end connection

Server mode programming process

Socket initialization

Socket and port binding , Set the listening connection of the server , Accept client connections   Receive and send data and process it And the socket for data transmission close()

TCP Connection server mode programming process

Socket initialization (socket()), Socket and port binding (bind()), Set the listening connection for the server (listen()), Accept client connections (accept()), Receive and send data (read(),write()),close()

During socket initialization According to the user's demand for socket

Determine the socket options Network type , Protocol type and specific protocol label

According to the needs of users Generate a socket file descriptor

Socket and port binding , The socket is bound to the address structure   Network programming   The socket represents Ip Address, port number and protocol type

The server needs to satisfy the connection requests of multiple clients , The server can only handle a limited number of client connection requests at a certain time , The server needs to set the length of the server-side queue

Server listening Limit the length of the queue in the client waiting for the server to process connection requests

The server receives client requests from socket files

Read data from socket file descriptor or send data to file descriptor

Client programming pattern

Socket initialization (socket()), Connect to server (connect()), Read and write network data (read(),write()). Process the data and close it close()

Client programming mode flow and server processing mode flow

The client initializes on the socket   No address binding    It's a direct connection to the server side

In the process of the client connecting to the server , The client uses the server address and port number set by the user etc. parameters Communicate with specific server programs

The exchange process between client and server

The client is connecting to the server , Read and write data , Close the connection    Client connection , Server receive   Conduct three way handshake establish TCP Connect    Data exchange


Create a network socket function socket()

Socket system call in network programming socket() Function to get the file descriptor

Protocol cluster domain, Protocol type type, The agreement number is protocol Socket file descriptor for , Function call succeeded , Returns a file descriptor representing the socket , Failure to return -1

#include <sys/types.h>

#include <sys/socket.h>

int socket(int domain,int type,int protocol);

domain Set the domain of network communication , Communication protocol cluster ,sys/socket.h PF_INET Address cluster , Protocol cluster

Address cluster   Protocol cluster   In the header file sys/socket.h AF_INET,PF_INET;

domain PF_UNIX,PF_LOCAL PF_INET ipv4 internet agreement

PF_INET6 agreement

PF_IPX novell

PF_NETLINK   netlink Kernel user interface program



function socket() type Set socket communication type

Streaming socket sock_STREAM,sock_dgram Data packets

sock_stream tcp Connect , Provide serialization of , reliable , Two way connected byte stream , Support out of band data transmission

sock_dgram upd Connect , Message with no connection status

sock_seqpacket Serializing packages   Provide a reliable two-way serial connection based data transmission channel   The data length is fixed Provide original network protocol access each time the read system call is called

sock_RDM Provide reliable data message

Some protocols have only specific types protocol only   sock_stream

The type is sock_stream Socket Connection to use connect Conduct

read(),write() Data transfer connect

sock_dgram raw sendto() recvfrom receive data

Receive from designated ip The sender data of the address

sock_packaet Private packets , Receiving data directly from the device driver

errno()stderr errno.h

fprintf errorno(errno);

Process file table overflow has reached the maximum number of files that the process can open at the same time

enfile The number of open files allowed by the system has been reached


struct socket{

socket_state state; /*socket state */

unsigned long flags;

const struct proto_ops *ops;

struct fasync_struct *fasync_list;

struct file *file

struct sock *sk;

wait_queue_head_t wait;


Create socket file descriptor , You need to bind the socket address and port , Receiving and sending of data

addlen struct sockaddr

int bind(int sockfd,const struct sockaddr *my_addr,socklen_t addlen);

bind The function will have a length of addlen struct sockadd Type parameter

int bind(int sockfd,const struct sockaddr *my_addr,socklen_t addrlen);

int bind(int sockfd,const struct sockaddr *my_addr,socklen_t addrlen);

socklen_t addrlen;

int sockfd,const struct sockaddr *my_addr;

const struct sockaddr *my_addr Address port ip Address information ; Address binding In the address structure ip Address port

sizeof(struct sockaddr)

struct sockaddr_un {

sa_family_t sun_family; /* Protocol cluster ,AF_UNIX*/

char sun_path[UNIX_PATH_MAX];


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