Chinese New Year , All kinds of parties are indispensable , Nowadays, most parties are group buying , And then there are all kinds of APP... When using duniang glutinous rice ( It's not advertising , It's not advertising , It's not advertising !), Accidentally noticed an interesting effect in its home page , Those are those. “ Button ” Zoom animation when clicking , There is a kind of “ press down ” To catch up with , Just happened to make a recording button a while ago “ Inching ” effect , I can't help encapsulating this button effect :GitHub

Dynamic zoom button ,“ press down ” The effect of
demo The background image of the button in is taken from the home page of douniang glutinous rice , For reference only !

The home page of glutinous rice should be collectionView Layout ? Maybe , It's just a pure implementation effect , The buttons that encapsulate the system .

About this effect , First of all, I have to mention a concept —— Inching .

1. About “ Inching ” Button

The concept of inching , I moved from the hardware side .
When I used to be a single chip microcomputer , Button is a very important peripheral device , Hardware keys in the preparation of code to achieve the function , There are generally two effects : Button with lock , Button without lock .
The so-called button with lock , Just click the button and let go , Then we can realize the corresponding function , For example, we used to use the key, the number keys of mobile phones are like this .
The so-called button without lock , That's what we're talking about here “ Inching ”, seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Just click and move , Let go and stop . MCU is often used in the scene of motor control , On our software side , A more common application scenario is “ Record button ”( Wechat voice god horse ).
The record button records when you click it , Once you let go , The recording will stop .
For the sake of illustration , Write the following effect for demonstration ,button Of showsTouchWhenHighlighted Property opens to indicate that the button is being clicked .

Click the button effect

2. Realization “ Inching ” Button

The implementation of the button “ Inching ” It's very simple :

 // When pressed 
[myButton addTarget:self
// When you let go
[myButton addTarget:self
forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside | UIControlEventTouchUpOutside];

Next, in the button click response implementation :

- (void)pressedEvent:(id)sender

It's a response to a button press , For example, the recording starts and continues .

- (void)unpressedEvent:(id)sender

Release the button ( Stop clicking ) Time response , At this point, the execution ends the recording .

The two responses combine , Also realized the hardware button “ Inching ” effect ( The hardware button is determined according to the high and low level , So the code implementation is very simple , Interested in SCM friends can refer to the relevant information , But the level when the hardware button is pressed “ shake ” It's a big headache ).

Here's a little more , Namely ControlEvents, What's written here is UIControlEventTouchUpInside | UIControlEventTouchUpOutside, It means inside or outside the button area ( After pressing , Fingers moving, dragging ) Let go ( Stop clicking ), It will be carried out “ Let go and respond ”, In some cases, we should pay attention to distinguish , For example, what to do next “ Zoom button ”. If we just write UIControlEventTouchUpInside, that , We let go outside the button area , That is, after clicking , Finger dragging , Move to the button frame Outside ,unpressedEvent The response is not executed , We have thus achieved a “ Cancel ” effect , Of course, this is not used in the recording button .

3. Animation zoom button

There's a lot of talk ahead , Now let's get to the point , Actually , There's nothing to say about the main topic , To achieve this effect of glutinous rice , It's just the top “ Action splitting ” thought , We just press the button to zoom the animation , And the real response after the animation is executed , Just write them in two response functions .

 // Button press events The button zooms out 
- (void)pressedEvent:(JXTPushInButton *)btn
// The scale must be greater than 0, And less than or equal to 1
CGFloat scale = (_buttonScale && _buttonScale <=1.0) ? _buttonScale : defaultScale;//defaultScale The default is 0.9 [UIView animateWithDuration:animateDelay animations:^{
btn.transform = CGAffineTransformMakeScale(scale, scale);
// Button release event Button reset Execute response
- (void)unpressedEvent:(JXTPushInButton *)btn
[UIView animateWithDuration:animateDelay animations:^{
btn.transform = CGAffineTransformMakeScale(1.0, 1.0);
} completion:^(BOOL finished) {
// Execute action response
if (self.clickBlock) {
 Press the button to actually perform the response , It's encapsulated in block in ,button I'll send it to github The code in , It's easy to call , In a word :
 JXTPushInButton * btn = [JXTPushInButton touchUpOutsideCancelButtonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom frame:CGRectMake(, , ScreenWidth - , ) title:@" Button -1" titleColor:[UIColor blackColor] backgroundColor:[UIColor redColor] backgroundImage:nil andBlock:^{
NSLog(@"frame Let go of the inside , Line button -1");
[self.view addSubview:btn];

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