JNI yes Java Native Interface Abbreviation , Chinese is JAVA Local call . Use JNI It's very convenient to use our Java Program call C/C++ Program . A lot of times , Some functions use Java It can't be done , For example, some functions related to the underlying driver , Then we can use JNI To call C perhaps C++ Program to achieve , This is it. JNI The power of . however JNI It also has its disadvantages , Use java Interact with locally compiled code , Platform portability is often lost .

Here's a JNI Example , call C++ Output "hello world":

First step : establish Java class , Define a local method in it ( use native Methods of keyword modification )

public native void sayHello();

The second step : Use javah command (javah  Full path of class ) To generate local methods C++ The header file

stay DOS Enter the project directory in the window , And then execute javah com.test.TestNative command , After execution, a suffix named .h The header file , Such as com_test_TestNative.h, This header file is named according to the package name and class name .

 /* DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is machine generated */
#include <jni.h>
/* Header for class com_test_TestNative */ #ifndef _Included_com_test_TestNative
#define _Included_com_test_TestNative
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* Class: com_test_TestNative
* Method: sayHello
* Signature: ()V
JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_test_TestNative_sayHello
(JNIEnv *, jobject); #ifdef __cplusplus

15、16 OK, that's right TestNative Local methods in class sayHello() Statement of . This h The document is equivalent to what we're doing in java The interface inside , Here's a statement Java_com_test_TestNative_sayHello (JNIEnv *, jobject); Method , Then we implement this method in our local method , Which means we're writing C/C++ The method name used in the program must be the same as here .

The third step : To write C/C++ Native code , Generate DLL file

First, in the VC6.0( Of course, other tools can also be used ) Create a dll engineering ---Win32 Dynamic-Link Library engineering . And then the header file generated above com_test_TestNative.h Add to the project , Then create a source file to reference the header file and implement the function of local function in the header file :

#include"com_test_TestNative.h" JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_test_TestNative_sayHello(JNIEnv *env, jobject obj)
cout<<"hello world!"<<endl;

Here because com_test_TestNative.h Introduced in jni.h So will jni.h Add to VC6.0 Install under directory Include Directory .jni.h stay JDK Install under directory include in , At the same time include/win32 Two header files in jawt_md.h、jni_md.h Also import to VC6.0 in .

After importing the dependent header file , We can build the project , Press F7 That's it , It'll be in the project catalog Degug Create a DLL file under the directory , What I generate here is NativeCode.dll. We can put the dll Copy files to environment variables path Included in the catalog for us Java The program calls , For convenience , We can also put dll Add the project directory to the environment variable path In the middle , This can avoid the trouble of copying every time . Pay attention to restart after modifying environment variables myeclipse.

Step four :Java Call local function

 package com.test;
public class TestNative {
public native void sayHello(); /**
* @param args
public static void main(String[] args) {
TestNative tNative = new TestNative();

The first 10 The line is to load the DLL ,JVM You only need to load once to call ,“NativeCode” Is the name of the DLL generated above , No suffix .

Run the program , Successfully printed out "hello world".

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