Let's go into details today git All kinds of orders , This is a git The first chapter of , There will be several more in the future , I hope you can make progress after watching it

The first order

1.git commit

2.git branch

3.git merge

4.git rebase

Git Commit

Git The submission records in the warehouse keep a snapshot of all the files in your directory , It's like copying the entire directory , And then paste the same , But it's much more elegant than copy and paste !

Git Want to submit records as light as possible , So every time you submit , It doesn't blindly copy the entire directory . If conditions permit , It compares the current version with the previous version in the warehouse , And package all the differences together as a submission record .

Git It also keeps a history of submissions . That's why most submitted records have parent nodes on them . For members of the project team , Maintaining the submission history is good for everyone .

We won't go further into the matter of submitting records , Now you can think of the commit record as a snapshot of the project . Submitting records is very light , You can quickly switch between these submission records !

Git Branch

Git It's also very lightweight . They simply point to a submission record —— That's it . So many Git Fans chant :

Build a branch early ! Multi use branches !

This is because even if you create more expenses, it will not cause storage or memory overhead , And it's much easier to work logically into different branches than to maintain those particularly bloated ones .

Just remember that using branches is equivalent to saying :“ I want to do new work based on this submission and all of its parent submissions .”

Branching and merging

Merge two branches together . That is to say, we have a new branch , Develop a new function on it , After the completion of development, merge back to the main line .

Let's take a look at the first way —— git merge. stay Git A special commit record is generated when two branches are merged in , It has two parent nodes . Translation into natural language is equivalent to :“ I want to include the two parent nodes themselves and all their ancestors .”

1. We have two branches , Each branch has a unique commit . This means that no branch contains all of the changes we made . Let's solve this problem by merging the two branches .

We are going to put  bugFix  Merge into  master  in

git merge bugFix

wow ! See that ? First ,master  Now it points to a commit record with two parent nodes . If from  master  Start looking up the arrow , On the way to the starting point, we will pass all the submission records . It means  master  Contains all changes to the code base .

git The second way to merge branches

Git Rebase

Rebase It's actually taking out a series of submission records ,“ Copy ” they , And then put them in another place one by one .

Rebase The advantage is that you can create a more linear submission history , It sounds a little hard to understand . If only allowed to use Rebase Words , The commit history of the code base will become very clear .

Or two branches ; Note that the current branch is bugFix( The asterisk identifies the current branch )

We want to put bugFix The work in the branch moves directly to master On the branch . After the move, the functions of the two branches will appear to be developed in sequence , But they are actually developed in parallel .

Let's use  git rebase  To achieve this goal

perform  git rebase master

Running results :

Be careful , Submit the record C3 There is still a ( The translucent node in the tree ), and C3' It is our Rebase To master On the branch C3 Copy of .

Now the only problem is master Not updated yet , Let's update it ……

Now we switch to  master  On . Take it rebase To  bugFix  On the branch

perform git rebase master

Running results :

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