Facotry A pattern is a creative pattern , He's different from normal coding habits , Call each constructor as shown .Factory Patterns provide a common interface to create objects .

One Factory Schema compresses the way all objects are created , Reduce the coupling of this factory to other objects .

Use a piece of code to demonstrate , We use it Factory Model to do a car factory program .

// Factory 
var Factory = {
var carFactory;
case 'car':
carFactory = Object.create(this.Car);
case 'car':
carFactory = Object.create(this.Truck);
return carFactory;
}, // Automobile
Car: {
doors: 4,
}, // Trucks
Truck: {
doors: 6,
color: 'blue',
} // Other factory class codes
} // Instantiate a factory
var factory = Object.create(Factory); // Instantiate the car through the entrance to the factory
var car = factory.createVehicle('car');

As can be seen from the code , We don't use Object.create(Factory.Car) or Object.create(Factory.Truck) Show create corresponding instance , But with a createVehicle Function to manage , Call different car classes according to different parameters to create different instances . In this way , The following program will only rely on factory.createVehicle This entry function , Greatly reduced the coupling .

because IE8 Does not support Object.create, We can use MDN Provided polyfill Compatible processing .

// Polyfill
if (!Object.create) {
Object.create = function (o) {
if (arguments.length > 1) {
throw new Error('Object.create implementation only accepts the first parameter.');
function F() {}
F.prototype = o;
return new F();

Factory methods generally use an entry function , Application switch Statement to create different product instances , therefore , We don't have to think about how the factory implements it when we create instances .

The abstract factory is based on the premise that there are already several factories , Abstract a unified interface , It takes what these factories produce as the same kind . Abstract factory is more like a strategy .


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