wordpress And Its simple_press The forum function of the plug-in

The development of preparation :

Have been engaged in java And as3 Aspect development , It's the first time I've heard a colleague mention PHP Of wordpress, So I checked it on the Internet ,

Just know the power of this software , Instead, I tried to make a forum for the company .

As for the forum plug-in under it, it has been tangled for two days , In fact, my first choice is wp-forum plug-in unit , After installation and deployment , But found

There is no Sinicization of foreground theme package and background control ( Thinking about 2 Minutes later , Give up decisively ). Later, it was bbpress, Choose it , Because

It and wordpress It's from the same company , And it can be independent of wordpress Use alone ... ok , The examples provided on the Internet are too old .

Actually 1.2 Later versions are used as plug-ins .

When you're struggling to use it or not , By the way, I went to the Chinese Forum , I saw it simple_press.

Go to http://www.simple-press.cn/ After looking at the functions and examples ,.... Don't say anything , It's just you

Development process :

1.wordpress need PHP Operating environment , Install here WAMP5(window+apache+mysql+php)

2. After finishing the previous step , download wordpress Unzip the folder to wamp Of www Under the table of contents

(1) Because it's loaded mysql The password of the database is empty , For later use , Need to change password

Get into mysql Console , Enter without password

mysql> use mysql // Use mysql database
mysql> select host,user,password from user; // View user group information

And use it directly updata Modify what you want to use User's password ( Not detailed here )

(2) Get into wampserver Under the phpmyadmin establish wordpress The database of It's directly called “wordpress”

(3) take wordpress Under the wp-config-sample.php Renamed as wp-config.php, And modify the database configuration inside

My configuration is as follows :

/** WordPress Database name */
define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress');

/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'root');

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', '123456');

As for the background Lane switch to Chinese method :

1. Uninstalled Go to the official website to download a Chinese version of

2.wp-config.php Next

define('WPLANG', 'zh_CN'); This line is set to ‘zh_CN’

( The solution on the official website is , Go straight into wordpress, You will be prompted to update and download the language pack , do not know why I can't )

So I went to the Chinese version of Directly copied the language package into wp-content\languages Next

3. Download plug-ins

To http://www.simple-press.cn/ You can download the Chinese version directly

At the same time, it provides topics Chinese package of theme wait

Unzip the plug-in later Copied to the wordpress\wp-content\plugins Next

Log in to wordpress The control of the backstage On the plug-in Click on “ Enable ” that will do

4. complete

Finally, you can change the theme , See the effect of the Forum .

Through some settings of the Forum , It can be seen that simple-press The function of the plug-in is very complete Powerful .

Because it's the next day when it's done , Organize this document . There may be some omissions . If something goes wrong , Feel free to contact me !

First blog :

Almost a year and a half of development , This is my first blog in the blog Garden , I'm still a little excited !

I hope it can help some friends in the garden . There is something wrong with the article , Welcome your advice ...


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